Monday, April 8, 2013

Books and a Mini Draw

My blog is nearing it's two year mark - and all of a sudden I've got 200 followers - as I did last year, I plan to have a draw for my blogiversary, but first  I'm having a mini pre-blogiversary draw to celebrate the milestone 200 followers.   It pays to enter, I just won two draws in the past 24 hours!!  Just comment either here or on my Facebook page - you can "like" me and comment there as well - if you're lucky, these vintage cookbooks could be arriving in your mailbox.  The draw will be made on Wednesday night at 9 pm.  Keep watching  - my two year draw will be coming up soon....

The prizes are - Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls, it is a hardcover book, copyright 1975 and two soft cover books - 250 Ways to Serve Fresh Vegetables, copyright 1949, the other book is Good Housekeeping's Book of Salads, copyright 1958.  I found all of these books last week at the same shop.

Snacks for Boys & Girls

Salads galore..

A bounty of vegetables

I was happy to find an old Golden Book for my collection and a Christmas one is even better - I got out my trusty Little Golden Book Identification Guide - it's a first edition.. Howdy Doody and Santa Claus...

Golden Book #237 - copyright 1955, the spine is in rough shape, but the pages are not torn and have no markings at all.  I paid 50 cents.  

The old Golden Book back cover

The book belonged to Lisa Hammond

I don't remember much about Howdy Doody but I did have a pack of cards with the Howdy Doody gang on them.  

This is a cute one too, it was printed in 1973 and sold for 39 cents

Baby Owl says - enter the draw!

Today the linkups will be - The Nifty ThriftyMagpie Monday and Thriftasauras


  1. Those are great old cookbooks Jill, so please put my name in the draw. I remember the Howdy Doody Show on TV as a child (yes, I'm that old!) but don't remember the book. That's a fun find. I always liked the back cover of the original Golden Books. Congrats on your 200 followers. Pamela

  2. Hi Jill,
    Love the Little Golden Books, they're adorable.

  3. Baby Animals?! As if the Little Golden Books weren't sweet enough!

  4. Happy blog-aversary! I sure haven't seen the Howdy Doody book, but I remember well the baby animals. It was a favortie of my kids! Great finds!

  5. I love those little golden books! I rarely see any old ones around here. Please enter me in the draw, and happy blog adversary!

  6. I would love the books AND I love your blog! :)

  7. Congratulations on your (over) 200 followers! Sweet prizes. I have won a few things myself, so I never complain that "I don't win anything." :)

  8. Jill, Congrats on your 200 follower milestone! I can't pass up those vintage cookbooks and decorating books, so sign me up. :) Pam

  9. I love seeing your Golden books! What fun you're having!