Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do You Have a Collection?

Op Shop Mama has a Collection Selection link party up and going - that's the place for me to share because I always have a collection of some sort on the go.    I always have collected something - some of those collections are long gone now - I get it honestly, my Mom had a collection of over 500 hankies, I guess you could say I have a hankie collection now because I have them all!  Here is my basket full of Vera scarves - I need a new basket badly!

I've mentioned my Vera collection of scarves many times on my blog - that is Vera Neumann, not to be confused with Vera Bradley!  Vera (1907-1993) was an American artist and entrepreneur best known for her boldly coloured linen patterns and scarves, signed "Vera" and many featuring her signature lucky "ladybug".  I've been collecting them for  a little over a year, I have 143 different scarves as well as three designs of napkins.  I've bought most of these at thrift shops, never paying much more than $2 for a scarf.  I've been really fortunate to receive some as gifts too, which I so appreciate.     I hit the mother lode back in March - here's what I found - it was just the best day - for a Vera collector, anyway!!

There are so many designs - florals, geometrics, solids - various shapes - long, large square, small square, wing tip - I do wear them sometimes, the large square being my favorite.  

Aren't they beautiful?

Op Shop Mama has a neat collection of vintage sifters, they are so nice - if you are a collector like me, you really need to check this out here.  I am also linking with up with Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop


  1. Hi Jill,
    Those are some very pretty scarves you have there! It is fun to collect things, I like the items you found at that auction, too!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Do I have a collection? Ha! Is that a trick question?

    I may have to link up over at Op Shop Mama's party soon. Now I just need to decide which collection I will feature.


  3. DROOL!!! I am amazed that I hadn't heard of Vera and her scarves before - they are absolutely gorgeous!!! Wowzers! Such a range of designs and colours..
    And you have 500 hankies too?! That's some collection! Yeh my Mum was a collector too (well - she never threw anything away.. So a packed loft!)

    Thank you so much for posting on that, and for linking up! I look forward to seeing your other collections!

  4. Those scarves are just beautiful! What a wide assortment of colors and designs. I am glad you explained a little more about them. I will be keeping my eyes open for them! I have collections of collections! lol...

  5. They are pretty. How do you know when you see one, if you already have it, when you have so many! Do you ever buy repeats? Pam

  6. They are so stunning Jill. I really hope I get to come across one one day for you :)

  7. You collection is stunning, love all of the colors and patterns. While I love her scarves, I am the kind of person who doesn't like things around her neck, not even a necklace. So, no beautiful Vera scarves for me, but I will continue to look for Vera scarves for you.

  8. Hi! This is my second visit her! I've never collected Vera, but my sister gets excited every time we find something at the I get it! Thanks for visiting me as well today!

  9. Lovely scarves. I used to collect hankies too but sold most of them on ebay several years ago. Not to worry though, I have plenty more collections too.

  10. Jill, Just love all your Vera scarves! I have a small collection of Vera napkins myself.

    I have more collections than I care to admit, LOL, so I'm going to check out that blog party. :)

  11. So Jill, I've always wondered, do you wear them???

  12. Ahhh....I love Vera. Can I just roll in the pile of scarves? HAHA. Beautiful patterns.

  13. You have such a fantastic collection. And the awesome thing is scarves are so small they don't take up too much room. *eheheh*
    I like vintage suitcases. *Eeeep*
    unfortunately I can't shrink them. =p

  14. Hello FROM Canada my friend!
    It's been so fun to see your Vera collection grow! I hope this summer thrifting season brings you many more!
    Erica :)

  15. Lovely collection! I mainly collect hankies and pottery, but there are a few other collections in the works!

  16. Wow, what a collection! I love that Christmas one especially. I'll definitely be on high alert for some more pretty Vera scarves when I go thrift shopping!

    -Melissa @ Scavenger Hunt