Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finally, the Easter Swap Goodies Arrived!

Sometimes mail really does move at a snail like pace - it surely did this time, it took over two weeks for my Easter swap package to travel from Texas to Ontario - it seems just a little bit long to me!!  This was the second swap I signed up for this Easter, actually, it is my second swap ever, it's so much fun, I'll definitely sign up for another one... 

Thanks to Sue from It's a Very Cherry World for hosting this swap - I know it must be a lot of work to organize and pair every one up.  Sue paired me up with Jeannie from I Craft.  Jeannie loves crafting, she makes some really cute things, she was very generous in her package - some lovely things came my way....

Isn't this the sweetest little Easter basket - a bunny and two chicks, what could be cuter?

Love that furry little white chick!  See the tag - I should be able to whip one of those up!

Some crafting goodies

Topped off with a cute little cupcake card!

Thanks, so much, Jeannie - I know you were worried about the package -it made the long journey and all in one piece!!  Nice to meet you!


  1. What nice surprises! Glad I found you at Share Your Cup Thursday

  2. Those are some sweet goodies you got there! Love the tag!

  3. The expression "good things are worth waiting for", proved itself here! Such cute things.

    I'm a new swapper too, they are great fun!

  4. You certainly received some Easter lovelies! The baskets are adorable.

  5. Awesome! One day ill have to join one too! :)

  6. I loved being your partner Jill. So glad it finally reached you!

  7. What a sweet package! I love that furry little chick :)