Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Sunday Drive

On Sunday we took a drive to Manitoulin Island - the main purpose was to check out the garden centres for some different plants.  We had a great day, we did get some nice plants, had lunch out and poked around in fields and such taking pictures.  It was a perfect day!!

Manitoulin Island is a Canadian lake island on Lake Huron, it's the largest fresh water lake island in the world.   It is a very rural area - it's kind of like a different world when you cross the bridge, it reminds us of Prince Edward Island - the water, the land - it's all very similar!!

Take a look at the pictures and you can imagine you were there too.... some of these I already shared on Instagram.

I am just loving taking pictures of abandoned houses and barns lately - 

These first three pictures were all on the same property.  This must have been a good size farm, back in its day.

See what I mean - I'm hooked on taking pictures like this!  I love my iPhone and all the filters on Instagram!!

I like unique names on road signs too!!

I had to get down in the ditch to get this picture - I have never seen yellow lady slippers before - they were beautiful - we just saw them in this one spot, so very different!

And, then it was lunch - one piece fish n chips for both of us - fresh whitefish and fresh cut fries - it was delicious!!

Like I said, we did go for plants, we brought a few home but  this has to be the most different planter I have ever seen, it was the only one left, two ladies began admiring it when we took it down - oh, they wanted it, they didn't get it - I did!!

It is multi purpose, it can also be a hanging planter.  Isn't it pretty?  There are three planters full of flowers in it - it was only $25 - a great price, I thought!!!

Our little drive turned into an all day affair - it was a great day!!

I'm linking up today with Dawn over at We Call it Junkin


  1. I have always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island and now I think I would like to visit Manitoulin Island. The fish and chips look delish and enjoyed the photos of the buildings. I have never seen a Lady Slipper in person only in photo, beautiful.

  2. Nice photos! Squirrel Town Road? Too cute! I've only see ladies' slippers in pictures too. And I agree, the fish and chips look yummy.

  3. Oh gosh, I really want to go there now! I love old barns and grassy fields! And your planter is an amazing find. :)

  4. Don't you love how those little trips turn into the most interesting all day adventures? Great find on the planter! Very unique!

  5. That sounds like the perfect day to me!

    Love your planter. Wonder if I could get Brian to make something like that?


  6. That is my kind of day! Full of beautiful sights and fresh air, not to mention great food!

    Love that interesting planter!

  7. What a beautiful drive. I always love seeing the old buildings but it's good to take photos of them. They won't last forever! I've never seen the yellow either or that many blooms at one time! Hugs!

  8. AnonymousJune 06, 2014

    Great pics, Jill! My neighbor has one of those topsy-turvy planters, about 6 levels high! (He built it) I love yours, great plants in it. Thank you for joining the History & Home link party. -Dawn @ We Call It