Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Cute Things I Found!

We went away for the weekend, of course, that involves checking out the local thrift and antique shops.  I found some things and cute things they are!!!

This guy was on a 60% off table at an antique barn, I surely would never have purchased it at regular price but with the discount, it was a reasonable price.  There are no markings on him, he's quite heavy and oh, so cute!!

It's sure great to be able to take pictures outside again, it was sunny and nice today but looks like rain for most of the week...

It was a planter weekend, I guess, I bought another one, no markings on this one either - I picked this one up at a thrift.

This is not something I very rarely look at, but this little pitcher took my eye, I picked it up and never put it back down - he was very reasonably priced at an antique shop.  He's stamped "Japan"

I don't normally buy mugs either, but this one had an owl - and it's from Creemore China & Glass - Creemore, Ontario - Decorated in Canada!    Mugs sure have increased in size, haven't they?

I actually bought a piece of Pyrex - I don't need all the different colors of these, I got rid of a couple and figured I would just keep the lime green ones,  as that's what I have the most of - I paid $2.50 for this 024 at a Salvation Army - it's made in Canada.  So, now I have a new lime green piece!!

A bunny book to add to the Easter collection, for those future grandchildren!

I never find things like this at the Value Village around here - older Carlton cards, they were in the box, twelve cards of each - aren't they great?

It was perfect - I found two Vera scarves and a couple of other ones for resale.

I didn't thrift this giant Ball jar but I wanted to share it, I purchased it at Canadian Tire, after seeing someone with one, I had to have one for myself!  It's a one gallon jar, I don't know what I'm going to put in it but I'll be filling it up with something!  Love it!!

It's time to link up with Thriftasaurus - I see there are twenty three people ahead of me, things must be looking up in the thrifting world!!!   Check out the History and Home party as well at We Call it Junkin


  1. Great haul! I LOVE those Xmas cards! Neve saw a gallon Mason jar; how cool. It would be fun to fill.

  2. You can make wonderful "sun" tea in gallon glass jars like yours. If I had it, I would use it as a canister for flour. Gread buys! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Yay! So happy to see a finds post from you. It's been a while. Pyrex, Vera, Made in Japan? My kind of finds :-)


  4. Love the planters you found!! You could put washi tape in that gallon jar!! Lol

  5. That elephant pitcher sure is sweet. And if I ever find a Vera scarf...I'll save it for you! I went thrift store shopping today and have a post ready for tomorrow. It sure is fun. Have a good evening my friend! And have fun! Hugs, Diane

  6. i love that thumper planter! it is so cute! and I love that pitcher too!

  7. Yay for Canadian Tire shopping! Great store!!

    Great card score, Jill. I have 2 8oz lime greens I'm struggling If I should sell/trade or keep! Cute mug

  8. Enjoyed seeing all the things. i too have the bunny and elephant antique!
    I enjoy all your post and i am a follower of your blog. I wish you to visit my blog and be a member of mine!

  9. Great finds Jill. That snowman is adorable and thanks for the tip on the big mason jars. Have a great day, looks like it is warmer in your parts.

  10. Some folks have had killer thrift/garage sale hauls lately!! I love that little elephant - I have been buying several of them lately!

  11. When you find stuff, it sure is some great finds! We had town wide garage sales this past weekend, and no great finds!?

  12. Love the vintage cards and the bunny book! The little figural planters are wonderful.

  13. Cool cards! You certainly got a good deal on the Pyrex....Lucky!