Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's a Paper Post

It's funny how reading another person's blog can set you off looking in an area of the thrift store that you don't usually look, this happened to me after reading Diane's post about her playing card collection, if you care to look at her amazing cards, you can right here.  She has the neatest cards, I didn't even know cards like that existed!!  So, now I'm looking at cards - oh, no....

For you that follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these sweet Old Maid cards, but now it's time for a blog post, so here they are..

Click on so you can have a close look - they're nursery rhyme Old Maid - they are so cute!!!  I don't really know what I'm going to do with them, someone suggested framing, that might be cute if I had a small child,  some could be going to the SMASH book, I really haven't decided.

That's the package, the top right card is the reverse of the above cards.  The other card was a single instruction card for another pack, which wasn't there..

More cute cards that were only 25 cents.

Another 25 cent pack - I know these aren't old but they've got cute illustrations - they will definitely be SMASHed.

These Japan Air Lines cards took my eye too - another 25 cent purchase!

We already have this game but I've been looking for another one so I can use the cards for SMASHing!

I have another one of these little Scotch Brand Christmas tapes, they are the sweetest tucked in the Christmas displays.   I am just reading the fine print - cellulose tape - made in Canada by Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company of Canada Limited.  I guess we could call this old style washi, what do you think???

I think I'm on a lucky streak for vintage magazines, I brought this Good Housekeeping magazine to the counter, both front and back covers are missing, I told the clerk that, oh, she said, you can just have that!!!  Fine by me!!    Considering there is one left there and it is priced at $20, this was definitely a steal!  It's the oldest copy I have so far, April 1934.  There are some great old ads in this one too,  those posts are so much fun to do, I will be doing one soon.  In the meantime, here's a couple of ads from 1934.

Coca Cola - served in leading hospitals!!!  It is pure and wholesome - didn't you know??  

Finally, a Pyrex ad - I wanted to show this one as well so you could see the date down in the corner.  You could send away for a 12 month menu calendar, for free - I have never seen any of those, I don't imagine there are many of those around anymore.  As if we didn't know this - "Sparkling Pyrex Ware makes foods look and taste more delicious"  It's so true!!!

Stay tuned for more ads...

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  1. Well, once again you've found the coolest things!! Love everything!!

  2. Pyrex DOES make food look prettier! :)

  3. Those are so much fun! I have a deck of Old Maid cards but it's not as old as the ones I remember. I bought something exciting today that I'll probably blog about Friday! lol I get so excited when I find something good! Hugs, Diane

  4. Hey, I know Diane! Ha, ha... thanks for the mention. I love the Old Maid cards-- so cute! That tape is very nifty; it IS like washi tape. And Coke served in hospitals? Can you imagine? Very interesting post!

  5. Love the old playing cards and game cards for kids! What a fun collection!!


  6. I almost hate to admit that I have several decks of old playing cards, many of which I use for crafting. Love your old maids, so funny.

  7. I am a huge fan of ephemera, your treasures made my heart skip a beat.

  8. Oh, I remember those old plaid tape dispensers with the Christmas characters on the tape! We used them when I was a kiddo. So cute! Great magazine find too. Coke served to patients in hospitals? Interesting.

  9. What a great haul! Love the old maids they are so cute and funny! I'm on the look out for the Probe game! (: Such fun and cute tape too!
    xo Holly

  10. Aren't those tape dispensers the cutest! I acquired an accidental collection of them at an estate sale last year and put them out at Christmas. With you Washi tape addiction, those are right up your alley!


  11. So far I've been able to resist playing cards....they take less place than Pyrex....LOL

    I could use a pure and wholesome glass of Coca-Cola right now!

  12. Vintage washi tape! That's fantastic! Love the old maid cards. Such sweet illustrations.

  13. I am a newbee. I just love watching you make all the stuff you make. I watch you all the time. Keep up .l am from lethbridge.Alberta. God bless you