Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pickin' and Thiftin'

This week my local little antique and collectible shop advertised 30 boxes of Christmas, I had to get over there and check it out!  What if somebody got  something good before me!  Hah!!  I said I was there to look at the Christmas stuff, he showed me one small shelf, there was definitely nothing there that I was interested in, he took me to another area,   I should have taken a picture to the pile of boxes that he took me to - there were the thirty boxes, he said for me to just go through them!  Imagine that!!  So, there I was down on the floor going through these boxes - this lady apparently loved Christmas, there was Christmas everything - she had a salt and pepper shaker collection of eight hundred shakers - just think of the dusting involved in that!  So, here's what I scrounged out of the boxes - I may not be keeping it all, but some of it will be perfect for my vintage red Christmas shelf.

These are all stamped Made in Japan, that's really all I was looking for and I didn't even take all that was there, they're all salt and peppers from that big collection plus one toothpick holder.

If you follow me on Instagram,  you've already seen this picture, aren't these shakers just the sweetest?  It's another set of Made in Japan ones.  Oh, and if you don't follow me on Instagram, you should - right here

A Santa bank, another item from Japan and still with the Giftcraft sticker on it.

I'm really hoping I have enough Shiny Brites or other ornaments to make a wreath this year - this is what all these little bits and pieces are for.  

I also found these two old catalogues in the boxes, one is Army & Navy from Regina, Saskatchewan, 1958, the other is a French catalogue from 1957, the Dupuis Company from Montreal.  I think I'll be using these for SMASHing.  Does anybody remember the Rawleigh salesman, I do and that's why I picked up that little booklet.

There's some wild looking toys in the Army & Navy book, that is one creepy looking monkey down in the right corner!

That's it from the pickin', now on to the thriftin' 

I had these cute pixies on Instagram too - they were 50 cents each.

I rescued this little bag of vintage Christmas birds, the clips are all missing and the tail feathers need some attaching - but for 50 cents, well, I had to take them, they might be nice for the wreath too.

Someone had dropped off some vintage cards at the Salvation Army, I found seven that I liked and they cost me 20 cents.  Some of the cards are old Hallmark ones. 

I did find one Vera this week and it cost me 99 cents.  It's just amazing to me how many patterns there are out there and I very seldom ever find a duplicate.

My last item I am quite excited about, this is nice little find at Value Village, an item that was probably priced incorrectly because I paid next to nothing for it.  I plan to list it and hope I can make a nice little profit from it.  It's a Holt Howard mayonnaise jar, stamped 1959, I've never seen one of these before, it's cute but not cute enough to keep!!!

So, that's it for this week, the Christmas sections are pretty well up and running in the thrifts but there's a lot of junk, I had to look hard for what I did find!!  

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  1. How fun! Love the Howard Holt! I love old Xmas cards too! Why don't some of these card companies bring back the old designs???

  2. Oh Jill! What a score!!! Isn't it fun to dig? I loved doing that too. I love it all. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Great buy on the birds and I love those little pixie heads!

  4. I have never seen a mayo jar like that...and I was making my own sandwiches that year! lol LOVE the Christmas goodies. I kept looking...wondering if you found any pixies. I love them and Santas...oh, and deer! Anything Made in Japan is special! What fun you had! I bet you felt like a kid in a candy shop! I'm so happy for you! Sweet hugs!

  5. I can't believe you found that Holt Howard jar at Savers! You should make some good money on it. Good for you for having the strength to let it go :-)

    Love all the Japan stuff (of course). It can be so fun to dig, especially when you don't know what your are digging for!


  6. 800 salt and pepper sets??? Oh my. You found some cute Christmas things Jill. I have a few of the clip on birds that I use on the tree each year. I also have a few of my own Christmas cards I received as a child from the late 50's and early 60's. I love the designs on them.

  7. you found some really cute stuff! i love the little girl salt and pepper shakers, and the pixie heads!
    i haven't seen a mayo jar like that before either! i hope you make a good profit on it!

  8. Great finds, especially the Holt Howard! I only have on piece of HH, a small trivet that has a psychadelic pink pig on it. Cheers!

  9. LOL I like how Erica said "it's fun to dig when you don't know what you're digging for"! Haa! So true, yet that really makes us all sound crazy! lol
    Well, you really did well! A lot of the wreaths I've seen people make use solid colored ornaments around the back row. I'm going to send you a couple links.
    Ahhh! It's 2:30AM and I'm wide awake due to the pan of SQUEAKY SQUARES that I decided to make right before bedtime!
    I believe that's your fault! :P

  10. Wow, wow, wow!

  11. What fun Christmas finds for sure. Love all those s&p shakers! Oh the Holt Howard Mayo jar is so cute! Fab find for sure! Thanks for joining TTF!!

  12. I saw some of that Holt Howard collection in Springfield, OH... expensive as hell! Very cute, tho!

    The little girl s&ps are adorable. I haven't been able to find a super cute set of Christmas ones to bring home yet. & pixie heads - can't go wrong, right?

  13. How great to get to go through all those boxes. And the mayonnaise jar is awesome!!

  14. I would have loved to go through all those boxes Lucky you

  15. Great finds! I always have to rescue the glass birds when I see them. It seems the clips or tails are always missing, so I found a website that I've bought replacements off of...



    Hope this helps!

  16. Love that mayo jar! It's super cute. I've never found any anthropomorphic out in the wild, hope to some time. You have some great vintage Christmas here. Have a great week!

  17. Awesome finds Jill! I love it all of course! Cant waitt to see what your christmas displays will look like this year!

  18. What fun thrifted treasures you found! That mayo jar is so adorable! I featured this post on TTG FB page today. I hope you will stop by and like the page.

  19. You always find such adorable stuff!!! thanks for sharing it all with us and hope to see you tomorrow! hugs...

  20. Now I want to follow you around just to watch! You have the coolest finds.

    I have not succumbed to Instagram yet. Are you trying to persuade me?

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