Monday, November 18, 2013

Woman's Day - December 1966

I'm sharing one of my thrifted magazines with you again today - it's the December 1966 issue of Woman's Day - the magazine was 92 pages back then and did you know that was the thirtieth year that it was published?  It's the Christmas issue so you know what that means - toys, food and fashions.

Have you used used oilcloth to decorate??  It's a long time since I've even heard that word!

How about some grapes hanging on the banister?

The decorations were shiny and bright, weren't they?

This is called the "trim-the tree supper" - assorted cold cuts, coleslaw and radishes, hearty seafood chowder, rye and pumpernickel bread, sweet and savory butter, coconut-grenandine trife.  It's quite a spread!!

Molasses Sugar Cookies - I must say, they sound good!!

Nothing but Black Diamond for the fruitcakes!

This is a very elaborate plate - using Miracle Whip and cling peaches - served hot!!

You could send away for the stocking patterns.

This was actually the only toy advertisement in the magazine - look at the music box iron on the lower part of the page - that's a neat old toy!!

General Electric had some nifty items, like the new Automatic Clothes Brush, His and Her pocket Cigarette Lighters, GE Shoe Polisher...

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is spread across four pages - it says to watch for the Grinch on CBS's 30 minute animated musical color special on Sunday, December 18 - and it's still playing, after all these years.

Use Breck for beautiful hair!

Holiday Hairstyles   - use hairpieces, if you have to!

All you had to do was buy the Simplicity pattern and sew this golden beauty up, cost to make a size 12 dress, about $36.00

Oh, the velveteen dress - Mom would make me a new one every year for the Christmas concert...

And, here I am in all my velveteen glory - there are a few pictures of me with these dresses on, a different color every year - I don't know how old I am in this picture - but I do know one thing, I have quite the hair do going on there!

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  1. Oh, I really enjoyed this look way back to 1966! Thank you very much for sharing your find~

  2. Oh I remember ALL those toys!

    Lucky you to have Christmas dresses when you were little! I don't remember any. ♥

  3. I actually had the toy in the upper left corner, I think I have a picture of me playing with it. I also remember watching "The Grinch"! These pictures sure bring back a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a hoot Jill! I remember those Breck girls. Love that GE ad. The Christmas d├ęcor is too funny! Cute photo. Lucky you, I never had that Velveteen thing going on, lol, but my Mom didn't sew.

  5. I enjoyed this! I love looking at my Mum's old mags (she kept the christmas ones!) 1966 was the year my husband was born so I shall show him this tonight..
    We had a velveteen dress too. I was the 4th girl in my family to get to wear it, and I LOVED it! I am going to force Iris to wear it this CHristmas!! Ours is red with white buttons. :0) You look cute in yours.

  6. I Love it! I found a 1963 Christmas magazine today. I love the ads the most.

  7. Love the photos in the magazine! Very colorful and aspirational. Makes me want to get into Christmas crafting.

  8. I was in high school at the time and I well remember the hair styles and everything else. We probably had that issue! What fun to look at it again!

  9. Love the dress!

    I just bought 14 vintage Holiday Editions 1940s-1960s Better Home & Gardens off eBay - $14, free shipping!


  10. How very cool - thanks for sharing. Funny how that food just looks a wee bit disgusting!

  11. This was such a fun post! Grapes from the banister? I think not!
    I love that little musical iron toy. And you in your velveteen?? I went to click the picture and thought "please zoom in, please zoom in"! LOL I wanted a good look at you in that cute hot pink dress and that wonderful x-mas tree! What a great pic. And very sweet of your Mom to do that every year. Though, I'm sure that wasn't your opinion at the time!
    Erica :)

  12. Awesome post, I love looking at christmases past! Cute picture of you in that dress! :)

  13. Fun look back! I'm glad I don't have to style my hair like those ads-- too fussy for me! The Diamond ad has a clever slogan. Like your hot pink dress! My mom used to make dresses for me and my sis too. Ahh, memories...

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  15. Oh, all those decorations...Swoon!
    Cute picture!

  16. You look very sweet in your velveteen dress! I was a teenager that year...sweet 16 as a matter of fact. I sure don't remember the magazines being this many pages. How neat! Love the ad of toys. I also had 2 of my sons in the '60s! OH MY! hard to believe! Sweet hugs!

  17. Look at you in that sassy pink dress & awesome hairstyle. Too cute!


  18. What fun! Ummmm, except for the hot canned peaches and Miracle Whip. Don't think I'd be putting that on my Pinterest recipe board!

  19. I love vintage magazines. The food always looks so unappetizing! haha

  20. I loved this post Jill. I enjoy seeing the magazines from the 60's and we had a lot of old Chatelaine mags in the attic. The ads and articles are so fun. I was thinking of the Breck hair girls just the other day for some reason. They were always so pretty. I had a royal blue velveteen dress when I was bout 11 or 12. Yep. Real cute with my white Banlon cardigan and tan leotards. lol Do you remember Banlon and Orlon sweater sets? We were styling weren't we?

  21. Great post. I LOVED those Breck girls, mom always bought Breck shampoo! I'm not so sure about some of that food back then, though!
    Have a great weekend,

  22. Have knitted all the stockings, one per family member, and hang them on the fireplace each year. This year we are happy to have a son marrying soon, and so I'd better get knitting!
    I can't find any more Aunt Lydia's rug yarn though. :(

  23. Hoping this board is still active. We got this magazine in an auction box of magazine. Excitedly looked for the recipes on Brussels sprouts with onion cream sauce and the spiced cranberries and peaches. Alas, the pages are ripped out of the magazine. Do you by chance have the recipes? Thank you in advance.