Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reading Library Books

Every so often I go on a spree of checking out library books, I've been doing it lately, I don't like buying new books unless they're discounted and discounted deeply, they're just too expensive.   I live in a small town so it's not a big library but I've had them order a few books in for me lately, which didn't take long at all.  The last three books I've read have been very interesting reads, each book a bit different than the other, two were non-fiction, one was fiction.  

I had already read two books by J. Courtney Sullivan - "The Engagements" and "Maine", the latest one was "Commencement", which was the first novel she wrote.  It tells the tale of college friendships, first loves and the life of these three woman after college.  Each of these books rated 3 stars or more on Good Reads, I agree, I really enjoyed each of these books.  Sadly, there are no more, isn't that often the way, you find a new author, read all the books and then wait patiently for another one to come out!

I had heard of "Orange is the New Black" it's a memoir by Piper Kerman, who spent 13 months in an American prison for carrying drug money.  I won't go into any more particulars of the book, just in case you're interested in reading it.  I know it's a Best Seller and the book has been made into a series on Netflix, but, of these three books, this one was my least favorite.  It was interesting enough but I found myself just wanting to get it finished.


My favorite book of the three was "Coming Clean" by Kimberly Rae Miller, also a memoir.  Ms. Miller tells of her life as the only child of hoarder parents and it is fascinating.  I know we just laugh and think those people must be able to help themselves, but, really it is a serious disorder and so very sad!  It was a heartbreaking story, she loved her parents but she lived in shame of what her home had become, she tried so many times to help them as they moved to different homes.  Give this one a try!

I keep track of all the books I read on Pinterest, so far this year I've read twenty six books, last year I read twenty seven, so I think I can surpass that!  I really enjoy reading but I find I don't do as much as I used to because I am reading blogs, following Instagram, pinning on Pinterest - I want to read more!!!


  1. I am absolutely addicted to reading. I would die happily with my nose buried in a book! Sometimes I will go wait for Madelyn to get out of school an hour early just so I have an excuse to read. She loves to read just as much as I do and I'm so happy I passed it on to her. I totally agree about being disappointed when I've read all the books by an author that I've fallen in love with. Have you read any books by Nancy Pickard? She is my new favorite author and has a series that doesn't sound like my type of book but her two stand alone novels are AMAZING! I passed them on to Hanna, my best friend, and my mom and they all loved them too. You should check them out!

    Jeez, this is the longest comment that I've written in a while. I just get so dang excited about books!


  2. I love to read and buy most of my books used at thrift shops or borrow from the library. I did buy a Kindle to take to Paris with me and surprise I've enjoyed it! I get lots of free books on it and it has paid for itself now. I really like how handy it is to take on a trip. Thanks for the book ideas!

  3. Hi Jill! I'm so glad that you wrote about books! I'm always reading something. I like to get my books from the thrifts because they're only $1 or $2. So I can get a lot of reading material for ten bucks! But you're right...I need to get to the library. I tend to forget it exists! Isn't that terrible? Thank you for the list of books. I'm going to try and find my darn library card! lol
    Erica :)

  4. Those all look really good but I'm for sure going to have to check out that "Coming Clean" book. I'm not sure what it is, but hoarders kind of fascinate me. Probably because I know I could drift into that category if I'm not super careful.

  5. I am going to be reading "Coming Clean" now.After watching shows like Hoarders I actually find myself in the same mindset as some of them (in some aspects), not the tampon and poo hoarders tho.

    Yes, a blue sparkly knee hugger? You should have bought it! I usually pay around $6ish for them in a market.

    If you decide to leave any & you think I may like them & they are reasonably priced, buy for me.Jill! I'll Paypal you.

    I'm an addict right now.

  6. I love reading your recommendations and reviews. I went to the library and got a big stack of books. That gives me a better chance of knowing some will be worthwhile. If I start one and don't like it, I'll put it aside and keep going! I'll go look at your pinterest board. I write mine down in my journal and have a list on goodreads. Sweet hugs!

  7. Love hearing about these books. I used to read a lot and just don't any more. I need to amp up my reading! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. My book reading has dropped considerably since blogging and writing on Yahoo. I miss my books!

  9. thanks for the book suggestions, I haven't read any of them. I hope to start with Coming Clean. Do you use Goodreads to track your books? If so, would love to follow you there.

  10. Thanks for the book suggestions. Do you keep track on Goodreads? If so, would love to follow you there. I haven't read any of these three books, but want to starting with Coming Clean.

  11. Hoping you will see this, - you are a no reply blogger so I couldn't email you back - I don't list my books on GoodReads but I do have a Pinterest board for the books I read - here's the link