Friday, July 19, 2013

Some Vintage Things

This is a miss match of vintage things - some that I brought from home, some that I purchased....  Vintage finds have been few and far between at the thrifts lately, but then, I really don't need much but it's still fun to hunt..

This doll was mine - I don't really remember playing with her too much, I think she was "too good" - I remember that a US relative had given it to me.  I imagine she bought it because she's a Jill doll and Jill is my name!!  The Jill doll was produced by Vogue Dolls from 1957 to 1965, her popularity waned after the introduction of the Barbie doll.  I looked through a site that has many of the outfits, for the life of me, I can't remember any of them.

Back then we could never find anything with my name on it so this would have been very special.

She's very pretty

I do remember she had drop earrings in the shape of a heart, I think they were the same as her hair band.

I bought a few pieces of doll clothing one day at Value Village, only because they were old - this seems to fit her, sadly she has no shoes to slip her painted toenails in.  I found my Jill doll in a bag in a drawer, with a few plastic doll skiis but no clothes....

This came from my mother in laws house, it's so pretty..

In honour of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in 1953

I bought this when I was home at flea market - it was $1 - it's part of a Fire King Range Set.  There were the two pieces from the tulip pattern there too, I sent my great aunt back to get them for me the next week - they were still there, also $1 each.

I found this when I came back home - at a Christmas in July sale at a local flea market - it's tiny, it has the G in a wreath on the bottom,  what is that?  Right now, I can't remember!!!  It's just a tiny little boot, only 2 inches high.

Just a neat old Barbie book by Wonder, copyright 1964

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  1. Your sweet doll is adorable! And look at Barbie babysitter. That's the year, I was a babysitter and probably not playing with Barbies! Love your fab finds! Hugs!

  2. I had a pre-Barbie doll too - a Debbie Doll. Used to be fun to collect the different outfits. Don`t know whatever happened to her.

  3. That Jill doll is adorable! Personally I think shes much prettier than Barbie, but I was never a huge Barbie fan. Nice little finds :)

  4. Love the little boot! I have quite a collection of those (shocking, I know).

    Miss your vintage finds posts. I've been working on getting things out of the house and not bringing so much in so I haven't been hitting a lot of sales this year.


  5. Fun things! Never heard of a Jill doll. She is very pretty. Love the Barbie book. Way back when, a cousin of mine had a very large Barbie book-- at a summer camp or something. Wonder if she still has it?

  6. I haven't heard of Jill dolls' either but she is cute! Love your great finds and that Barbie book looks fun! Thanks for linking with TTF this week.


  7. Just such fun looking at what you found...the Jill doll is great...that is my name, too!

  8. As always...some fabulous finds! TFS! Hugs...

  9. Your Jill doll is so sweet.. I wish I could find things with my name! Love the Fire King jar and what a great price you just need to keep your eye out for the lid.