Monday, July 22, 2013

Just a Few More Little Things

Saturday I headed out to the yard sales, with my husband in tow - most Saturday's he's at the golf course and Sunday's too, but six weeks ago he pinched a nerve in his back/neck area - he hasn't been able to golf since - thankfully, it is improving daily and the chiropractor has helped him so much.  The poor guy, that's about all I can say, it's a very painful thing!     

It ended up to be great though, we bought a few things, had breakfast out, went to a Mennonite farm and got a bunch of vegetables, which are just oh so good!!!  Last week I did a SMASH page on The Pop Shoppe, I used to love going there and getting all the flavors of pop, it's in very selective stores now, well, he went into a convenience store and came out with a cool Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky - it was so so good!!!

SMASH page on The Pop Shoppe - do you remember it?

Love Lime Ricky - what a treat!!!

Green & yellow beans, peas, onions, carrots, potatoes, zucchini and cucumbers - so good!

He picked this one up - made in the Chun Yee Toy Factory, Shanghai, China

It looks like it was hardly used - al the marbles are there and the board is not worn at all

I had this very Bingo game!!  I know people use bingo cards in their SMASH books, if you're looking for an old one, let me know and I'll mail one off to you.  This game was made in London, Ontario - it's not very often you find things like this made in Canada anymore

The wooden checkers were made in London, Ontario

Just an empty match box

We were looking at these, I wasn't really thinking of buying them, he said " you better get those" so I did - click on the pic so you can read the note - poor Scott did not get to keep his set.  The spoon is an odd shape and the other utensil - I guess it's for smashing food, I don't know - do you?The set was made in Germany by Wirths

How cute is this made in Japan little deer?

More scarves on the fence!  These I will be listing for sale - I thought maybe I had a Chanel scarf, no such luck, it's an imitation!  I used to find signature scarves always when I went thrifting, not so much anymore and my Vera's are even harder to find.

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  1. Hi. just found this explanation for you about the baby spoon and PUSHER set.
    Baby food pusher As children grow to the age when they start to use silverware they still can't seem to get the food into the bowl of the spoon or on the fork. Hence the food pusher to help them get the food together and into the spoon!
    Hee Hee. I always thought it was to push the food into the baby's mouth. ;)))) Aunt Linda

  2. Your pages are so much fun! And I love your wonderful finds...especially that little deer! Have fun!

  3. Last summer, I found a Pop Shoppe crate full of empty bottles. I just wanted a couple of the bottles but the sellers said I had to take the whole set! So now I have a bunch of these bottles which is fine because they are really good space fillers for Valentines Day & the 4th of July.

    Have a great week!


  4. Sorry to hear about your Hubby's back. I off and on have nerve issues and yoga seems to help immensely.
    It's nice though that you guys got to have an enjoyable weekend. Love the board games!

  5. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    Those veggies look's a countdown to spring here... The garlic and shallots are in & my onion seedlings are just popping up in their trays! Love the Bingo game. Found bingo dobbers are heaps of fun for a 2 yr old. She just needs to mark the paper not give herself dots!

  6. I love that SMASH page! I am working on (believe it or not) a Christmas book in July! I'm having lots of fun with it.

  7. The deer is way cute!

    & we used to get Pop Shop pop on hot dog day at school. However, they only shipped so many flavours. It sucked if you were called last. You were stuck with a flavour you didn't like.

  8. cute little finds! :)

  9. So many cute finds Jill, you need to bring your hubby more often! Really love the old games especially. :) Pam

  10. Yum those veggies look good!

    And that little deer too :)

  11. you got LUCKY!!! I've been looking for a nice chinese marble set for a LONG time!! shhh don't show my kids they'll be so sad--thanks for linking up to the Penny Worthy Project