Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A SMASHing box of Goodies

I first "met" Sharon through our love of Pyrex - we were commenting on each others Pyrex finds on Flickr and then on my blog - we struck up a friendship and it's still going strong.   I owe this current SMASHing addiction to Sharon - she started before me, I resisted at first, I was never interested in scrapbooking but she kept telling me this was different and I should try it - I did and I'm so glad she got me started - I love it!

We are always looking out for different SMASH items to trade - I just sent her a bunch of washi tape and stickers - our packages crossed in the mail, it was just like Christmas when this box of goodies arrived -  I am so lucky to have met such a nice person and such a generous person  - thank you so much - I appreciate all you do for me!! 

A new stash of Thickers - clicking on any pic will get you a better view

Stickers, embellishments, and flair - oh, my..  I've already used some..

Everything is just too cute!

And, some washi, of course.

And she sent me this sweet little Gooseberry fridgie - Gooseberry is such a sweet pattern!!

Some of my readers that are not on Instagram or Facebook have asked me to share some of my recent SMASH pages on my blog, so here are a few that I whipped up - I don't put much thought into my pages - just SMASH it down!  I think they turn out pretty good!  I've been working on my books quite a bit because it's so hot, you really can't be outside!  Which is a shame - it's summer!!

I use my International book for any and all trips - so, SMASHED some PEI from a couple of weeks ago.

Another page in the International book

We love seafood!  SMASHed in the Tasty book

Ice cream made it to the Tasty book too

I brought my old autograph books back with me - SMASHed into the Nostalgia book

Canada Day in the 365

I stopped the car when I was at Carla's this week when I saw this sign - look at that - A Little Bit of Everything!!!


  1. Fun stuff! I have two of those gooseberry fridgies that were my mom's-- well, actually, my sister has them (but I know where they are!). Funny sign too-- see how inspiring you are??

  2. Yay! You posted pics of several of your pages! I have 2 pages laid out but haven't glued anything down! I love to be sure! lol Love your pages of ice cream and fun! Hugs!

  3. Awesome package and smash books! I saw at Michaels last week that they had cleared out half the Martha Stewart section to fill with Smashing stuff! Thought of you of course :)

  4. Why is this different from scrapbooking? From an outsider it looks like nothing but marketable products & cash grabs. I'm just curious what the craze is.

  5. & always thought it was just that - a modern, marketable, popular form of scrapbooking full of cash grabs... is that how it's different? Or is it different another way?

    (sorry don't mean to sound mean, just curious... don't understand the popularity of it).

  6. Collecting stash is a big part of the fun of scrapbooking/smashing. You've got a great collection. It's nice to see your smash pages again...I need all the inspiration I can get. I'm busy scrapbooking these days but smashing is always at the back of my mind.

  7. I have never gotten into scrap booking or this either. I would be prone to stick to the Pyrex.

  8. I love all your pages, especially the ice cream one!