Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Found a Knee Hugger

If I would have seen that heading a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have known what it was - but if you're browsing Christmas items on Flickr or Pinterest - you probably knew what they were - now I know and I want to find more!!  Yesterday I spotted one in a bag with three other ugly ornaments which are quickly going to be donated back  The bag was $1.99.  How cute is he??? 
I think if he had stayed outside any longer he might have gotten a tad cold - it feels like it might snow... I'm so happy to find a knee hugger!!!

I found these cute Charlie Brown ornaments in another bag for $1.99 - the same pattern is on both sides, even with using a magnifying glass the year is not that clear on them, it looks like 1962.

Another item that I've seen mentioned more than once on blogs is the Vera scarf - never saw one, never even heard of one before - but, it seemed like something to look for - yesterday I found this one at the Salvation Army for $1.99 - I looked through thirty five pages of items on Etsy - didn't see  not one like this listed.  I can't believe the range in price for these scarves - from $10 to $80!!!!

I'm linking up to Vintage Thingie Thursday - check it out and see what some other thrifters have found this week.  I have a speck of red here so linking up with Rednesday at Sue Loves Cherries - if you like red, that's the blog to check out!  There's also a very nice thrifting party at Thrifty Things Friday  - even more stories of great thrift finds over there.. check it out....

And, last but not least I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds - lots of thrifty goodness on that blog!


  1. I have hugged my knees in a lot ways, but never saw this little fellow before.

  2. WHat a cute little elf!! Great find. Happy VTT!

  3. Cute ornaments! You must be awfully young if you don't know what a Vera scarf is, lol! All the rage in the mid to late 70's.

  4. I really had never heard of Vera scarves before - I was a teenager in the 70's but I guess I wasn't wearing scarves way back then... Hah!!

  5. The Vera lovers are rolling over - some in awe that you do not know their favorite designer, others that there is someone new buying up their favorite scarves. You did well.
    Yes, knee huggers are very socal, so you will have to find at least one more to keep him company.
    And my guess with the Peanuts characters was going to be 60s.

    Enjoy your fun finds!

  6. Great finds all around, and as far as Vera goes, welcome to the club! Vera never goes out of fashion, even Anthropologie had a collection recently featuring her designs. Love her! She did all the design work, and she started printing it all herself. Amazing.

  7. Yes, I saw this post and was intrigued by the designer, so I quickly looked at my grandmothers geometric scarves, but no Vera. I decided to look for Vera scarves and was shocked to find three right away in the same shop. So...YOU are my inspiration and the reason I have them! Small world!