Monday, November 7, 2011

Fruits, Veggies and More at St. Jacobs

We took a weekend trip to visit our daughter and her beau - our first stop on Saturday was the Farmer's Market at St. Jacobs - our arms were laden down with goodies - there's just so much and everything looks soooo  good!!

How's this for cabbage? 

Purple broccoli. zucchini, candy cane beets which I've never tried before, garlic - what a treat to get fresh garlic - it's sad that you can only find garlic from China in the stores right now - why????    The onions are bigger than the turnip.  Fresh yellow string beans and the carrots - everything looks so tasty!!

Honey Crisp Apples and Bosc Pears - yummm!!

Carla gets Maria's Noodles every time we go - I'm trying them for the first time and I'm sure they won't disappoint!.  I also got a bag of yellow eye beans for homemade beans - our favorite kind!!

Once you've had a Montreal style bagel, you wouldn't want a store bought one - so, this is definitely a treat - there is just no comparison!

No trip to St. Jacobs would be complete without a bag of kettle corn!!

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