Monday, November 14, 2011

Friday Finds

I don't drink coffee but that doesn't matter when something looks so retro as this neat old coffee pot and the price of it is only $1.99 - it's just so cute!!  I've been trying to find out who the maker is but had no success yet - thre is a "G" inside of a wreath on the bottom, along with Japan.  Anybody know anything about it??

It's great now all the Christmas decorations are coming out at the thrifts  - hopefully the assortment gets better because it's not very good right now - a lot of it looks like it came from the buck store - don't get me wrong, I buy at the buck store but that's just not what I'm looking for in the line of Christmas .  I was going through a bin of Christmas stuff, it was all just thrown together and I spotted three of these Peanuts Hallmark ornaments, from 1993,  $1 each - I took all three.   I found this pack of Christmas bells for 50 cents, ribbon for $1.99 and another bag of buttons for $3.99

As I've said before, used books are one of the greatest deals - paying less than $10 for three books is such a great price!

I know that anyone out there that loved Nancy Drew will notice the book on the top of the pile, Nancy Drew books were just the best!!  This is a journal that I found in a pile of discount books at Zellers, price only $2.98.  I just love the cover of it!!!!

I got a great deal on some Pyrex too - I said I wouldn't be buying any Old Orchard but look what I bought but it came about in an odd way...

This is what  I spotted first - a Snowflake 443 with an Old Orchard lid taped to it - for $2.00 - of course, I wanted the bowl but didn't really care about the lid - I looked on another shelf and there was the bottom of the 475 casserole for $1 - so I took it - it doesn't look so bad!!!

These canisters are so handy for storage - I have two which I use for cocoa and brown sugar,and this one is in way better shape than those two - paid $1.99.

Today I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds and for the first time The Penny Worthy Project - check them out for lots of interesting finds....


  1. I love the Snowflake bowl!! It is very odd that the Orchard lid was taped to it. Glad you had the good sense to find the bottom. Old Orchard has kind of grown on me. I have a few of them displayed now in my dining room. The colors go good with my fall/Thanksgiving decorations. Hope you find out more info on your coffee pot! It's so retro!

  2. Great finds! Love the coffee pot!

  3. I love the Peanuts ornaments! Christmas and Charley Brown just seem to go together (especially because Peanuts has the best Christmas soundtrack)

  4. Love the bag of buttons! Great find.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I agree about the lack of good Christmas stuff at the thrifts right now. It seems like once people start decorating, they go through their stuff and get rid of things and that's when the thrifts are overflowing with better stuff. Can't wait 'til that happens! LOVE your Pyrex finds!

  6. Someone on Flickr told me the coffee pot might be Japanese Ware.....

    Hoping to find some neat vintage Christms goodies in the weeks ahead....