Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Great Weekend for Thriftin' and Pickin'

Back home after a great weekend away visiting with our daughter and her beau - we had the greatest time - thriftin' and pickin' - from early morning 'til into the evening.  I don't think I've ever seen so much glassware and everything vintage - it was such fun!!  Pyrex was purchased by both Carla and I - she has already blogged about her purchases here - pop on over and see what goodies she found!

Before I even got to Carla's - we stopped at a Value Village - some one must have been getting rid of their Pyrex - there were more pieces to be had there too but I left them for someone else...

The orange and Autumn Harvest 402's were both $3.99  and the set of Homestead bowls added up to $8.97.

I also got this cute retro snack set - I thought that the set was missing three lids but I found the same set online and now I don't think so - they just stack - paid $2.99

This Corning Spring Blossom pitcher was bought at another Value Village for $2.99

Things were looking pretty bleak at this one warehouse and then we spotted a huge display - all the Pyrex was on the floor and it was cheap - compared to every other booth!!

I found some Butterprint, the 403 was $6.95 and the little 403 casserole was $4.95.  I traded with my Pyrex buddy Sharon and got the Ivy 441 little bowl - part of the chip and dip set - she said she could never find the larger bowl to go with it - my weekend trip yielded this bowl at the cheap booth - $8.95 - I saw it again later for twice that much - guess I'll be ordering the bracket soon from Carpenter Don.

I have never seen the Heinz Promotional dish before and didn't figure I'd see it anytime soon, so I bought it for $11.  I read online that Heinz and Pyrex had a promotion going that you would send in Heinz labels and get this cute little pan - it's such a different shade from any other piece.

My last Pyrex purchase of the weekend was also my favorite and it might be nearly my all time favorite piece right now - I can't believe I found this Golden Leaf bowl for $14.00 and with a lid!!!!    Isn't it pretty??

I found a few other treasures as well.....

A BoneyM Christmas album for 50 cents, a vintage set of Christmas lights  - bought more for the box than the lights and this Ontario license plate from 1958  - my husband was born in Ontario in 1958 - I'm putting this away for Christmas - it's a bit rusty but beggars can't be choosers when you're looking for a certain year!!

The weekend was great - can't wait to do it again but not for a little while!!!

Sophie from Flea Market Finds is hosting a Pyrex Party - since I have my new favorite Pyrex piece right here in this post, I'm linking up.

Also linking up with Suzanne at Vintage Thingie Thursday again this week - always lots of treasures to check out there as well.


  1. oooh you lucky thrifter you!

    I came over from the Pyrex Collective Post. The Heinz pan is at the top of my Pyrex wishlist. Your other finds are totally amazing too! The snacker set has such great colours.

  2. That Golden Leaf is beautiful and an amazing find...I know you'll be using during the upcoming Christmas holidays!! It sure didn't take you very long to find the matching Ivy bowl!! So cool that you found its mate since I never could!! Love the snack set and all your other finds too!!

  3. I love the snack set! You can use it at the next party you throw. Haha!

  4. Already used the smallest one for kettle corn!! I thought about giving that to you but I realized I like it too much!!! Sorry!!!

  5. Wow you found a ton of pyrex on your outing. Some great finds.
    Karen G

  6. Wow, what a great Pyrex haul. Pickings have been so slim lately. I only have one Butterprint round casserole and would love to have more. Great Christmas piece -I believe that it originally had a stand-maybe someone will start making those too.I have the snack set minus the large chip bowl. I love the Noma packaging -there is a whole Flickr group with more of this stuff.

  7. I am new to Pyrex and would love to find a golden leaf pattern! I am working on building a set of primary colored fridgies right now. Nice finds...

  8. Wow, so much pyrex in a short time, lucky you! I love the green and gold leaf patterns.

  9. Wow! You hit the pyrex motherlode! Great finds!

  10. Oh, I love old paper! And the snack buckets are great!

  11. Wow. just WOW! That Golden leaf piece is a stunning piece! Love that and the color. You really found some great pieces!! Happy VTT!

  12. Love LOve Love them!!

  13. Pyrex is really making a big come-back. It is rather pricey in the antique malls. You have a nice selection.

  14. Love all your Pyrex, just found your blog and love it!