Sunday, July 12, 2015

Finds in the City

Yesterday my husband and I went on a little road trip, no golf for him yesterday, I saw there were two estate sales in the city so we set out bright and early.  I've said many times that we just don't see estate sales around here very often, but these were as close to it as we're going to get around here.  He bought two items and so did I.   When we were driving there, I said I wished I'd find some half decent lawn chairs - it was the first thing I saw..  I only wanted the chairs but it was a set of three, I think the lounger is not set up correctly, oh, well, I'm not going out to fix that in this heat!  They're perfect, clean and comfortable, just what I wanted.

At the same sale, I bought this chalkware fish, well, actually, there were two, but they were all wrapped and taped, now I know why, the other one was glued together and chipped, I'm happy to get one out of it!!!

My husband can't resist these gameboards, for $2 - I guess not - it looks like it was never used!  That's 199 games!!!!  There's even pool cues!

He purchased at the other sale - $2 for this great old blowmold, I took this picture last night just as it was getting dark - it's so pretty and so different from the standard candles!   

It was fun, we went to a few other places but this was all we bought!

I took all these pictures with my phone, no editing, no cropping - I'm being slack today but hey, I am writing a post!!


  1. Pretty nifty! That's quite a game board. Do you hang those on a wall or use them or both?

  2. i love those lawn chairs! i've been wanting some, but the resellers in town seem to always get them first. there is a shop called OMG that is selling those type for 54 dollars each! i love that fish too.

  3. Again with the blowmolds! I get most of my lawn chairs in garage sales too!

    It's the way to go!

    Chalkware is so fragile, it seems you look at it and it chips!

    Stay cool ;)

  4. Old lawn chairs are my new favorite thing! Try and get that lounger fixed, Jill! It's the perfect spot for a book or some old magazine perusing.

    Have a great week!


  5. Looking good!
    It is not everyday that you find the
    specific item you are looking for.


    M : )