Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Are You Colouring?

Are you colouring?  I am!  No, I haven't regressed to my childhood, adult colouring is the newest fad, actually, I might be slow to the party, but it really seems to be going crazy now - adult colouring - relaxing, soothing, fun, it's wonderful!!!


I'm not making this up - check out Amazon's best seller list, six of the top 20 books are colouring books.  Here's an article if you'd like to read a bit more about the colouring craze!

I was on the hunt for something different for a birthday gift  - it was my penpal's birthday, after 35 years of exchanging gifts, it can get a bit challenging!  I was browsing at Chapters, I spotted the colouring display - I was curious, I looked through every book, what an array, I made my selection and hoped for the best.   I had no idea if she would like it or not, it caught my attention enough to browse the discount books for a less expensive book for myself.  I found one and started to colour that night.   All of a sudden, adult colouring was everywhere - I needed one of those intricate books so then I bought another book a few days later.

This is the discount book I bought, I loved the cover and it has the greatest pictures!  

Then I moved on to the more intricate book, the books by this illustrator are very popular, I know of one IG friend who couldn't get it, sold out, so guess I'm lucky to have it!

It took me days to finish this page - I wasn't content with my original purchase of 20 coloured pencils, I NEEDED more colours, I went for the box of 40, the last time I was at the store, I bought a small box of metallic pencils - pencils and colouring books, oh, my...

That was my second page, now I'm working on one with bugs.  

August 2 is National Colouring Book Day - I'll be colouring, in my favourite colouring place - outside, under the umbrella.  Will you be colouring?  


  1. Hey Jill, good to see you! I just got one with modern designs. I tried with markers and did a terrible job. Think I need some pencils. Yours are great! :) Pam

  2. Seen these in the bookstores and just recently one of our
    local news stations did a spot on this.
    Better get in the game. I love t color and it is supposed to
    be relaxing!

    M :)

  3. I didn't know this was trendy. I've never stopped coloring since I was a kid! Check out Dover Publications. They carry nice coloring books at reasonable prices for kids and adults. Have fun!

  4. I love the vintage picture! Yep, Dover Publications - that's your ticket. Hope you are rested up!

  5. I've been seeing them everywhere but I don't have one. I would need to buy colored pencils, lots of pencils just like you! Sweet!

  6. Thanks once again, Jill, for keeping me on the cusp of what's trending! Love that book you have too. Will have to look up Dover Publications like your friends suggest but I have lots to work on with my Secret Paris birthday book for now!

  7. There are online sources, too. Here are a few:

    There are many more. Perhaps if you search, you can find them.

  8. Ooooh....a 1940's colouring book! I love things from that era! You have a lovely blog. :)