Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Slim Pickins'

We went on a little road trip on Saturday, I was hoping to find more than I did - like a different Christmas blow mold but I did come home with a Halloween one  which I paid a whopping $1 for - it's a TPI blowmold from 1989.

My husband got ahead of me at Value Village, he makes his circle of the store way faster than me, he comes back and asks if I saw that Santa jug - no, I didn't even get to that section yet - so, he went back - what a great find - I have a few cups but no pitcher.  I had this posted on Instagram, I knew once I posted it on there someone would know what it was, two other people shared their pitchers which were the same - apparently it's a Josef!!

I don't really think people have been donating very much at the thrifts in the line of vintage Christmas, maybe it's too early yet - I was at three shops yesterday, I bought nothing.  I did buy a box of old ornaments last week, for fellow Canadians, the Eaton's tag is still on them, didn't they have the best Christmas displays and merchandise?  

I've been on the lookout for Ideals books, they  have the greatest pictures in them for SMASHing, especially the Christmas ones.  I was happy to find "The Most Beautiful Tree in the World" but I should have checked it more carefully, two pages are missing, so that'll be going by way of the SMASH book.  I always like to read a Christmas book at this time of the year, so this Awesome book will be the one!!

Here's a SMASH page where I used the Ideals book, it's the poem and picture on the right.  The picture on the left I took last week, after the big snowstorm!!

It's time to link up with  ThriftasaurusThrifter Share and Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.  My apologies to anyone that follows my blog and Instagram, I know some of this is a repeat, oh well.... 


  1. That's a darling Santa pitcher. I have several different styles, but I have never come across that one...lucky you!!

  2. Neat finds! Not much vintage Xmas here this year either. Have bought nothing yet! One of my local thrifts hasn't put Xmas items out yet. I think they're trying to make a statement! Love the Smash pages-- that photo is sensational!

  3. I love the pitcher, Jill! I have lots of mugs...but no pitcher yet!
    Erica :)

  4. I have only seen pitchers in antique shops - way to go! Aside from a few Christmas tags & a reindeer from 1979, nothing vintage Christmas from a thrift for me this Christmas hunting season. A bit disappointing, however, lots of resale finds totalling $100's of dollars!

  5. I love your journal pages. I hope I can get my Smashbook out and play soon. And I love the sweet Golden books you found! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  6. I like your Santa jug. I have two of the Santa mugs that were my MIL's. The paint is quite worn off of one of them. Eaton's was a great store! I even worked for them while in high school and also for a couple of years after. The old Eaton store in Moncton was the best! They had an awesome Toyland. :) I have a couple of their last catalogues in the attic and must hunt them down one day before they get tossed out.

  7. Love the Santa pitcher! I keep saying I'm going to get to my Smash book, one of these days!

  8. Your husband did good work finding that jug! I miss Eaton's. It was always my fave department store! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.

  9. Love that Halloween blow mold. It's almost vintage!

    Have you read Christmas Bliss or Blue Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews? They are two of my favorites that I read every year!!


  10. had to goggle WHAT a SMASH book was! And I like them, the idea of saving the bits in books is great without all the crazy scrap book stuff!

    1. I've been SMASHing for nearly two years now, I was hooked right from the start - it's so fun - SMASH it in and you have a page!!!