Monday, November 10, 2014

Saturday's Stuff

I really feel like there will be more blog posts from here on in until Christmas - vintage Christmas is something I love to look at and buy, although, I really shouldn't be buying much.  I was looking through my new bin of things that I've collected up since last January - it's full - I see more purging ahead of stuff from the other bins!!!

Saturday we went down the road to this little town that has four shops, all owned by the same people.  Two are nice, with displays that you can look at, and they have heat!!  The other two is where it's fun, but if you could only get to it all.  There's so much stuff piled up in boxes, some of it you couldn't even dream of reaching it - I just bet there's a box in there full of good vintage Christmas!   I was there in the summer and it seemed to be better this time but still in disarray!!!  The other building had no lights, we would have been all set if we had taken a flashlight, but we were able to dig this out...

Blowmolds!  The deer aren't Christmas but I'll tie a bow on them and they'll look like Christmas!!!  I think they're really cute and something different about them - they have stakes - how handy!! 

This little white electric tree took my eye, not that I needed it but I have the bigger green tree and have been wanting a little white one, this should do until I find a better one!  It needs a cord replacement and I had to put some of my own lights in it - I think someone drilled new holes in it as the old lights are stuck in there for life!!

As soon as I walked in the door, I spotted this Santa candle, I turned it over, a Gurley _ I was happy!!   He's seen better days, I cleaned him up a bit but  I think this is as good as he's going to get.  He's a good size one, about 9 inches tall.  It's a fun thing to find because I couldn't find any for the longest time and now I actually have a collection!!!

Might as well stay with the Christmas theme - a couple more ornament hanger boxes, different ones for me!

My husband picked up a couple of things for the game room...actually, when I saw these, I thought these cards might be neat for SMASHing!  The game is from 1963.

We thought this was a unique set of cards and like new!

This cardboard bunny advertised Maple Leaf Tendersweet Ham, he was only $1, there were a bunch of them there, I thought he'd be cute for Easter.  He's big too, about 17 inches.

Last week the local library was having a used book sale, fill a bag for $1 - I bought a few Ideals books for SMASHing which I didn't were worthy of a picture but anything Jim Morrison is worth a picture..

It's a soft cover book from 1991, so not that old but full of great old pics of Jim and his band, The Doors - love The Doors!!!

I haven't been buying any children's books, except for vintage Christmas and Eloise Wilkin which I haven't seen in ages but what the heck, I was paying only a few cents and this book was just so cute, it's falling apart so it might be heading to the SMASHbook too!!  A little girl named Gail was given the book in 1953.

Nothing very big but pleased with our finds and not much money was spent!!

I even saw a piece of Pyrex that was different for me but I held back, I really don't need any more!!

Mid afternoon we finally stopped to eat - we had a lovely meal and just in case you're hungry right now, take a look at this coconut cream pie, we brought a piece home to share, it could be the very best piece of coconut cream pie I've ever had!!!!  Drooling???  Hah!!

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  1. That bunny would have come home with me too.

  2. The ones I love best are the ones without heat, air, or organization. That is where the good stuff is!

  3. I love that sweet little book, Socks! And I feel tempted to start going to the old thrift store looking for Christmas stuff. It's so addictive and FUN! Hugs!

  4. Nice finds! Those deer are cute, and hurray for the Gurley! I have that Morrison book! Nice one. And I think that is the tallest pie I've ever seen!

  5. Love all your Christmas finds! It sounds like those stores would be so much fun!


  6. You sure did make my mouth water with that picture of that piece of pie!

  7. I love your finds! And that pie looks awesome! Looks like you had a great time.

  8. Love, love, love that Santa candle.
    The games are cool too.

    M : )

  9. Those cards are really unique!

    Keep shopping for vintage Christmas!

  10. That bunny totally reminded me of Magpie Ethel. Funny that she commented on it too!

    So happy to see you are finding some good stuff, especially the vintage Christmas. I am chomping at the bit to go thrifting today after reading this post.


  11. Great finds. Plus that pie is making me really hungry right now... ;)

  12. My favorites are the deer and the Santa candle. Happy Hunting!

  13. I really love vintage Christmas too and I am really trying to hold back on buying anymore! I usually buy to re-sell but then I end up keeping it! I passed by two ceramic Christmas trees today...too pricey for what they were...I am proud of myself!

  14. I love the bunny advertisement and the children's book. Nice finds from your adventure.

  15. hi Jill! Clairebearjenkins from Instagram here... I have a funny question for you and I'm going to email you--wanted to give you a heads up though. my email is

  16. Love the Christmas goodies, and I would never pass up a look at Jim Morrison! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  17. Oh man Im still drooling over those ceramic trees!!!! When I get rich I'm going to get over there are hunt one down!!

  18. More was a cigarette brand of the mid '70s. I had to check with Wikipedia to be sure. The cigarettes were longer (120 mm) and brown. They also came in menthol (green package). Per Wikipedia, they were first marketed to both men and women, but then they focused more on women. The cards you have were probably a premium you got with a purchase of the cigarettes or maybe you had to send away for them. Of course, maybe you could have even purchased them outright. I don't know for sure. What a novelty!