Friday, October 3, 2014

Little Finds

I sure don't seem to find much anymore that I want to buy at the thrifts but I still go, I'm always on the lookout for scarves, but two of my regular spots have put the silky scarves away in lieu of wintery scarves, people wear scarves all year round so I don't see the reasoning behind that - they never have that many and they don't take up that much space.  Here's what I did bring home.

I've never seen a blowmold like this one - it's about 9 inches across, great for a shelf!  I like it!!

I hadn't been to the flea market since the beginning of the summer, not much there I was interested in, but they had a few tables of Christmas - I have to buy old wrapping paper, I just have to..

Anytime I see these, I buy them too, one still has the original Kmart sticker on it, we haven't had Kmart here in Canada for quite a while now.

Another thing I can't seem to pass up now - old children's playing cards..

I picked up this old Simplicity clown pattern - SMASHed it!!

I was showing my sister in law my scarves that I had picked up when I was home, she goes to Value Village every week, that's another section for her to check out and she did,  this was in my mailbox this week!

She texted me from the 70 mile yard sale - did I want this catalogue, sure, I did - 25 cents for this 1940 Simpsons Spring and Summer edition - the front and back covers are missing but that's fine, I'll have to share some of the great fashions another day.

So, nothing big but things that I like and things that didn't cost much!

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  1. A lot of neat stuff there! Love the wrapping paper and old catalog. Your Smash page is cute too!

  2. Those cards bring back memories! I always loved the images on the Old Maid cards when I was a kid. Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  3. I love those cute playing cards! And your smash page is very neat! Have a good weekend! Hugs!

  4. I'm not finding much at the thrifts either, but the little things I do find make me happy and that's what counts! Hugs!!

  5. Love the blow mold pumpkin. And very nice Vera scarf to add to your wonderful collection. Great finds!

  6. I found a blow mould I wanted to buy & it was missing the light & chord. Should have bought it, bought another crappy blow mould & used that chord!

    Always love vintage Christmas wrapping paper! I have your Vera on my counter top in a bubble mailer, maybe this will tide you over for the winter season. Let me have your address again.

  7. Love the catalog and the vintage Christmas. The wrapping paper is a great find.

  8. Love those sweet Christmas papers and children's playing cards! Those will be perfect for some of your creating!! :) Cute smashed page too! :) Happy weekend! xo Holly

  9. You picked up darling things Jill, you lucky! I am in love with the Peter Rabbit cards, never seen those before. So cute! I used to play Old Maid with my dad when I was little so it always makes me smile when I see it.

    Happy weekend!

  10. You are getting closer to being able to fill an old jar with ornament hooks!