Sunday, September 28, 2014

August - October

The months from August through October for me have a lot of significant dates.  My children were born in August and September and my husband in September - that's a lot of birthdays real close to together - Darcy and Gary are only five days apart.

We celebrated one of those birthdays here at the house in August, Carla was the first of the birthdays!

Then we went home to Prince Edward Island and  I didn't get a chance to acknowledge the anniversary of my parent's passing - how has the time gone so fast, Dad passed away on August 25, 2007 and Mom two years ago on August 16.  I'll miss them always...

Today marks the passing of my mother-in-law - two years for her as well - that was a terrible few months, with both of our mothers passing away in just over a month!   

But, we remember all the good times we shared - like Darcy's first Christmas!   

Then, it's our anniversary on October 3 - it was a miserable few days leading up to the big day, but the sun shone by the time we got to the church.  Here we all were...

Next big event to think about will be Christmas!!!  I actually picked up a couple of items last week....

Have a great day!!!


  1. My children and husband are Aug/Sept as well until the very late, very last one born when our three were teenagers. He sets himself apart with a Dec birthday.

    We have Shelly Aug 4th, Bill, Sept 12, Dianne Sept 25 and Billy Sept 30. (My husbands father was Sept 1. and Dianne's husband is Sept 16) Just for fun Billy's wife is Oct 2. It used to put a serious dent in the budget but now I save for it throughout the year

  2. A lot of highs and lows. Lovely to see all your family pictures as well as hear the memories. Count down to Christmas then! Enjoy! I enjoy all the prep much better than the day. Also it's Jacks birthday 23rd of December so that was always a great celebration too. Still is, but not as chaotic anymore! Take care xxx

  3. It's nice to have happy times such as birthdays and anniversaries to make the rougher days a little easier, isn't it? Love the wedding photo!!


  4. Wonderful photos, Jill! July and August are our busy birthday and anniversary months. Enjoy your week.

  5. Those are lovely family photos. We have a bunch of birthdays in August and September too - more than any other time of year. Plus school starting. It's quite busy, but nice. :) Jo