Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Good Housekeeping Home - 1971

This post did not turn out the way I wanted it too, my plan was to share some advertisements pertaining to fall from my vintage magazines - but, I don't seem to have that many fall issues and there sure aren't many fall related ads in the ones I have.   So, the topic changed to household ads from my Good Housekeeping, October, 1971 issue.

The 70's take us back to all those wonderful colours - and to get that mod colour for your kitchen, all you had to do was buy a package of Rit.

Maybe you were already set up in a kitchen that looked like one of these...

What kitchen is complete without a mixer?  And, what an offer, buy a mixer, send away for a shaver!!  

I'd love to have one of these pots!  Who knew you could send away for these beauties?  There were so many mail in offers in the magazines back then - here's a post I did on that very topic back in July.

No kitchen would have been complete without Palmolive- who can forget "Madge"

I think this is a color we all identify with the 70's.  I don't remember anything around home in this colour though, our kitchen appliances were brown!

I wouldn't mind having this ironing board cover right now.  I am on the hunt for a new one and it's not going well, any store I've checked has very few and they are either plain or striped - don't they make pretty ones anymore?

I don't know anybody that had a livingroom that looked like this, everything was brown, gold or rust where I lived!! 

This looks more like it...

There was just no end to the things you could send away for.  I had to include this embroidery one because I actually did the fall scene, way back then, and gave it away as a gift!!

This was a great deal..we all belonged to a record club of some sort!!

There's those colours again.

The bathroom could be quite mod too... Hey Fatso, now, that's quite the pair of scales!!!  Once again, something else to send away for, your mailbox could be full!!!

I'm including a couple of food advertisements as well, I remember  Mom making upside down pineapple cake every time we would go to visit my grandmother, I never liked it, I don't think I've had it since the 70's, maybe it would taste better to me now.

Space Food Sticks - I've never heard of these but then, we probably didn't have these in Canada..

One thing that's still going strong - Kraft Macaroni and Cheese  - but named Kraft Dinner here in Canada!!

These posts always take a while to work on but they're fun, times have changed but then in other ways, things are still the same - like Kraft Dinner!!!

I'm joining in with Joann for her second week of Vintage Bliss Tuesday's and also with Dawn at We Call it Junkin - stop by these great blogs!!


  1. I love when you show these ads. I only have a couple of vintage mags. We had orange patterned carpet in our kitchen and green shag in the living room. It wasn't pretty. ;) Thanks for linking up to Vintage Bliss Tuesdays again. :) Jo

  2. I sure do remember a lot of these advertisements and styles, Jill. When we bought our house in 1977, the fridge and stove were harvest gold. They lasted over 20 years! We bought a gold and brown flowered sofa and chair too to go with our gold shag carpet!! You gotta love the 70's. They were colourful.

  3. Love these-- sure take me back. And I know what you mean about no "Fall" articles. I just Smashed a page from an early 70s women's magazine from October, and there is not one article about Halloween; I think that says something about our times. An apartment I lived in for a few years in the late 90s had gold appliances-- eek! Love those scales-- can I have one??

  4. P.S. I forgot to add that I remember Space Sticks-- even ate some. Not too great.

  5. My Dutch husband actually likes Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. I add a small can of cream of mushroom soup and a small can of tuna and top with buttered bread crumbs. Sound familiar? And we used to fill our suitcases with boxes of that quick noodle dinner when we traveled back home from the US to The Netherlands in the 1980's. Were we nuts? Great ads! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. I can sit down and get lost looking at the ads from old magazines. Our house was green and gold with brown appliances. Loved this remember when post!

  7. Jill, These are great! I remember most of them. I also remember ordering from those magazine ads. Good stuff cheap, lol.

  8. I just love it when you show the old ads & articles from the vintage magazines! Thanks so much for sharing~

  9. Jill, I never get tired of looking at old advertisements. They are so fun. By the way - I found my very first Vera!!! I thought of you when I saw it.

  10. Love all the ads Jill, so much fun - and I remember it all, the earth tones and yellows and oranges.

    Happy almost weekend!

  11. I want those dinette sets! And that dryer!
    And a bog ol' slab of Pineapple upside down cake. Mmmmm.

  12. I love looking back. Our sitting room must have been hideous. We had deep purple walls and orange ceilings... my mum had a thing about painting the ceiling weird colours

  13. Our house had orange, brown, gold, and don't forget the avacado green - lots of that! That "fatso" scale is too funny.

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