Monday, September 8, 2014

Vintage from Home!

I said I would share some things I brought from my PEI house in the last post, so here they are.

Finally, we had enough room in the car to bring back these radios - I've wanted to drag them home for a while and I've placed them on a corner shelf already.  I thought I had them cleaned up nicely but after taking these pictures, they might need a little more work!!

I remember this was placed on top of the fridge - no, it doesn't work and the other one definitely doesn't work!

Dad must have picked this up from some relative, I never saw it before.  I'm pretty sure it's a Bakelite radio - love it!!

I've wanted to bring this flower bowl back for a while too, I so wanted to put some pansies in it because I remember Mom doing that, sadly, my pansies didn't make it when I was away!!   I looked this piece up in Mom's trusty Depression Glass book - the true name is "Old Colony" but also called "Lace Edge".  There's a little bonus with that, another little glass frog was inside it.  This pattern was made from 1935-1938.

Sometimes you recognize things that other people find and post - that was the way with these plastic plates, as soon as I saw them I knew we had them!  They were still there -   I found them packed away in a box with some ornaments.  Don't they really look like glass?  They're really delicate!!!

I found this up in a cupboard..

Neighbours of ours gave me this for Christmas in 1974 - I wrote it on the little tag - she plays "Somewhere my Love" - why I have left it there all this time, I don't know.   I always thought she was so pretty and notice it's a Josef!

What was the sense of leaving my little Easter cup  - it's here and ready for next Easter now..

Mom kept a lot of my things from when I was small, this is something else that I thought was still around - I just bought a few pieces - my tin play dishes.

Yes, these are my squeak toys - I think I  must have liked cats way more than I do now, his ears and tail are chewed up pretty good!!

Now that I've blogged about it all, I can put it away!!!

Joining in at Thirftasaurus  and We Call it Junkin- I didn't pay anything for these things but they're still the kind of things we all love!!


  1. Fun things! Love the toy dishes, and that white cat looks very familiar. I think my sister had the same one. How about the turquoise color of that radio? Wow!

  2. Love that Depression glass frog - and the sentiment expressed on that box. Words to live by! :-)

  3. I always like the old radios. I just pulled a vintage one off the shelf in my husbands work shop to clean up and use.

    My parents always kept their radio on top of the fridge in the 1960's. That's where a lot of people kept them.

    My mom had that same Bless this House tin. I'll have to see if she still has it.

  4. Great goodies! Love the sweet Easter cup and the depression glass flower cup, so sweet.

  5. The flower frog is beautiful! You're so lucky to have these things, Jill!
    Glad we got to see them!
    Erica :)

  6. What a lot of great things you brought home Jill. Things with memories attached are so very precious and dear. Enjoy!

  7. What wonderful treasures. I love the little girl at the piano. It's fun to bring things back with you. I'm still trying to find a place for some of the things I got in NC. But I'll 'work them in'! heehee! Hugs!

  8. I love that old turquoise radio. There was one at my late mil's house that still worked but we got rid of it! I remember those fancy plastic plates that look like glass. You brought home some great things Jill.

  9. I have some old radios and I love them! I just brought back a lot of things from my Mom's house and I want to start sharing some of them on my blog.

  10. Those treasures and the memories that go along with them are better than anything you could find at the thrifts.

    Love it all, Jill!


  11. Beautiful things! The radios are awesome, even if they don't work!!


  12. I'm glad you shared before packing them away. Our radio was perched atop the fridge also. It was a white one like the turquoise one.

  13. Awesome you still have all your old stuff. Our mother let us sell it all at garage sales to buy more. The cycle continued until I had all stuff I took when I moved out. She kept a very small amount of things... that I have.

    Love the radio!

  14. How lovely to find such beautiful vintage things and know they were always yours! That frog is so pretty :)

  15. Such a treasure trove of sentiment you brought with you. Each item was so sweet. I wanted to turn on the radio as soon as I saw it!

  16. Hi Jill, I am starting up a new linky party today, if you want to come visit and link up your post! Thanks, Jo.