Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Goods!!

I'm finally getting around to getting the goods photographed that we bought on our trip  now I can put everything away.  We happened upon a few thrifts and stopped at a few antique markets, I think the Maumee Antique Mall in Ohio is clearly the biggest one we have ever been in - it is advertised as one of America's largest - over 2.75 acres/110,000 square feet - that's a lot of booths and a lot to look at - we were there for a few hours!!!  

I was most excited about getting this blow mold cookie jar, I have been wanting one for a long time, my heart skipped a beat when I spotted one, sadly, when I looked at the price, it was way too much, I was so disappointed, but my disappointment turned to glee, I found one in another booth for half the price - finally, I have one!!!!

This cute ceramic Santa container has "Betts" on the bottom, I couldn't find anything similiar...have you seen one like this?

Staying on the Christmas theme - these were at a discount booth - as soon as I saw these, I knew I was buying them -   made in Japan baby Christmas slippers - aren't they the sweetest?

I didn't find any Scotch tape dispensers, but I did find these Scotch containers - at different shops.

Don't laugh at me for buying this but I figured it was as close as I would probably ever get to a Lefton Miss Dainty cookie jar, even if it is missing the lid - it was on sale, I wonder why?  Hah!!  She doesn't look so bad without her cover, I think I would have had buyers remorse if I hadn't of purchased it.  But, I would be interested in the lid, if anyone ever comes upon one!!

I bought these vintage cookbooks at a Goodwill, along with a couple of other things, including a Vera scarf, the bill was less than $3, everything I bought had a discount - that was my kind of store!!!

These books have the cutest illustrations - two are missing covers, good for SMASHing, I'd say!!

I also bought these paper place mats at the same shop, why, I don't really know, you know sometimes there are just things you think you need to buy - this was definitely one of them - I'm not out much, probably about 25 cents.

Of course, no trip is complete for me without a Vera or two - I did really well, I paid $6 for one scarf, the rest were all $2 or less - and then when I got home, I had a scarf waiting in the mailbox from Sir Thrift a Lot - once again, thank you so much, it was very kind for you to think of me!!

I went to a local charity yard sale on Friday, it was definitely not as good as other years, I came home with this one item, I can't believe it was sitting there with the tag and stickers still intact, in my mind, everything else there was junk - a Josef Original Christmas music box, I gave them $1 for it.

When my husband and I hit those antique markets, we start out together for the first couple of booths, then he goes his way, I go mine, he's always looking for different things for the game room - he found some great things..

A tin game themed tray...

He paid $5 for this set - only missing the green felt mat...the money looks like it was never used..

He is always looking at bagatelle games, but they are never reasonably priced - he has a wooden one which is really old, now he has a baseball one in the original box - and he got a discount on it, it's in perfect shape!!

It's so much fun to get away and pick up some neat things along the way, considering that the opportunities for such things seem to be lessening all the time around here!   I went to an estate sale yesterday, which we very rarely ever see around here,  bought nothing, it was no good at all, then I went on to a church sale, there were lots of older ladies manning the tables, but there was nothing good there either, I didn't buy a thing!!!  Sales are just not great around here so far this year!!! 

Don't forget Melissa has taken over Thrifty Things Friday, check it out!  Sir Thrift a Lot has his link up going as well - Thriftasaurus


  1. Wow, lots of fun finds! Good for you. Too bad some of the sales were duds. I've been to a lot of those too!

  2. Very cute illustrations in the books! You know, I bought my discounted Miss Dainty shakers at Maumee & I swear they had some kind of cookie jar there too! I have no clue if it had a lid or not, been awhile. Sucks to hear about the estate sale! Hope another one pops up soon...

  3. Hi Jill!
    Looks like your trip to the states was a junking success! That Santa blowmold cookie jar has been on my "Wanted" list for awhile now too! I'm glad that you can now cross him off yours.
    I've missed keeping in touch with you! Hope all is well!
    Erica :)

  4. I've been absent from sales lately as I ready my mom to move but you did find some good stuff!

  5. The games sure are a lot of fun and I love all of your Christmas things. The slippers are adorable! You've done great. I went yesterday and bought a few linens. I'm getting quite a collection! lol Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. I love all the great stuff you found. I have never seen a blowmold cookie jar. So glad you found some good stuff on your trip! Hugs, Dianne

  7. I love all the great stuff you found. I have never seen a blowmold cookie jar. So glad you found some good stuff on your trip! Hugs, Dianne

  8. Lovely finds! Sounds like a fun trip! You could always plat some flowers in the girl head cookie jar?

  9. So many fun finds! I love the blow mold cookie jar too!! :) Have a fabulous day! xo Holly

  10. Yay! So happy to see that you finally found yourself a Santa cookie jar! I know you've wanted one for a while now.

    Love those cookbooks. I have a couple of them too. Always fun to thrift them. Looks like you had a great trip!

    Have an awesome week,


  11. You found lots of unique things! That is the best kind :) Love it all. The cookie jar is darling.

  12. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the baby Christmas slippers. Good haul girl. :)

  13. Yay for vintage Christmas! I have seen the blowmold cookie jar before, but never picked one up. Thanks for linking up to TTF @ Melissa's Antiques!

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