Wednesday, May 14, 2014

365 SMASHbook - Part 1

Some of my fellow SMASHers on the Facebook SMASHaholics group have asked to see my completed 365 SMASHbook - I could have made a video but this just seems easier to me - the book is so large, it ended up being 9 inches thick, if I had an assistant to help turn the pages, well, maybe it would have worked out.  So, anyway, I'm going to split the pages up into three different blog posts. 

I started this book last Mother's Day and finished it with this year's Mother's Day.    I really enjoyed working on this one  - it's my third one that I've completed!  It was nice to document the specific events through the year.

You'll notice I did a few pages on winter - it was so cold and miserable,  what else was there to do but SMASH??

On to Part it is


  1. I think I have Smash book envy! Very cool!! I haven't completed one yet. Look forward to seeing more pages.

  2. Even better than a youtube video … we get to stare at the awesomeness! Thanks for doing this :O)