Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My 60's/70's Celebrity Pics

When I was about ten years old, I used to write away to celebrities and hope to get something back in the mail - what fun that was, getting mail from a far away place like California, a place that just seemed like another world to me, living in a little fishing village in Prince Edward Island, it was just such a thrill to see these letters in the mailbox and even better when the celebrity sent a picture.  

I've hung on to these items all this time, they were actually in a crate with my record albums when I came to Ontario many years ago.  Yesterday Diane who writes the blog Lydia's Post posted about her celebrity photos that she had collected, after commenting on her collection, she suggested I post mine, so here is my celebrity collection.

I loved "The Flying Nun" enough to join Sally Field's fan club - this was the folder that held the pictures and a letter from Sally that told all about her life - that was a fun show!!

Some more of my favourites - 

Jed and Granny from "The Beverly Hillbillies" - that was a regular show for me!!  Granny's (Irene Ryan) card is stamped on the back with her signature.

The Mod Squad, Phyllis Diller, Kathy Garver from Family Affair, Doris Day, Lucy and Don Grady from My Three Sons.

We only had two tv channels, I don't think we ever got "That Girl" but we would travel to the US to visit relatives, that was a show I picked up when I was there.  Marlo Thomas came through with two items!!


I don't think I ever watched anything with Raymond Burr in it, I'm pretty sure a relative gave me that picture.  Of course, Red Skelton was a regular show to watch.  The other two actresses I had to look up, I vaguely remember their shows - Julie Sommars starred in The Governor and JJ and Lisa Gerritsen's show was My World and Welcome To It in 1969.  

David Hartman starred in The Bold Ones, a medical drama - click on his letter, he even told me he was wife-less!  Hah!!!  

Oh, the good old days - the only thing missing is anything from my 70's heartthrob - David Cassidy - all I have are the albums!!  

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  1. Oh, you have a wonderful collection, too. Is it too late to write letters to movie stars? heehee! I just mentioned That Girl the other day. I was wondering why we don't have shows like that any more...with upbeat, successful women. (instead of what they show on TV Land on the weekends) Great post!

  2. That is so cool, Jill! I never did anything like that but I do remember most of those TV shows of the 60's. We had CKCW TV (out of Moncton) and CHSJ TV (out of Saint John) back in the 50's and 60's. I even got to model a bathing suit from either Simpson Sears or Eatons on TV when I was about 7 or 8 years old. A neighbour up the street and mother of my friend worked for CKCW and got some of us to model. I vaguely remember the whole thing and remember the hot studio lights. Funny eh? These are great keepsakes for you today. Pam

  3. Hi Jill! This post made me smile instantly! I can just picture you writing your letters, and then being so excited when there was something in the mailbox for you! And I love that you kept everything. So sweet!
    I hope you're doing well. Hanging in there with is crazy weather! Spring is on it's way, right?
    Erica :)

  4. Love them! You have a great collection-- thanks for posting. Thanks for the mention too. Consider yourself lucky-- I wrote to a couple celebs you have and never heard from them, but that was more recently. Very cool!

  5. That was a fun blast from the past -thank you for sharing!

  6. All of these pictures are so awesome! To remember that time and what a thrill it must have been to write, wait and finally get a reply. And that you have hung onto them for all of these years! So cool!!!

  7. Fun! I loved the Flying Nun and That Girl! ♥

  8. I go further back with Sally - I loved to watch her on Gidget and still do now. Love the collection. That was a time when celebrities liked the contact with their fans.

  9. Your post made me to laugh in my mind.It would have been a great excitement to get letters from them in older days.
    You also have good collection of photos!

  10. You still surprise me after all these years with what you have tucked away in all those totes!

  11. Oh, my gosh - I LOVE these! I am still a huge Sally Field fan, and I have no idea why I didn't write to stars and get pictures and join fan clubs and stuff like you did! I wish I had - because I am totally digging your collection! I did watch Raymond Burr, both on Perry Mason and Ironside!

  12. This is so cool! Nowadays kids just follow their favorite stars on Instagram, I guess. You have something that lasts. And David Cassidy, oh wow, he was the man I was going to marry!!! Featuring on the Pinterest board - Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com