Monday, March 17, 2014

Chicken Wings - the Crispy Kind!!

This past Saturday we made chicken wings in the deep fryer for the very first time - oh, my - they are just like you would have in any wing joint - delicious and crispy.  Now, I know it's not something we will be having that often but what a treat - my husband got to take four leftovers wings for his lunch today, lucky him is all I can say.  

We never really thought of doing wings in the deep fryer before - pretty much all we use it for are egg rolls, calamari and fish for fish 'n chips, we've been making our chips in the oven for a few years now - light and fluffy - now, that is another great recipe!    I had been making wings in the oven up until Saturday and that recipe is nothing to complain about either, I blogged about these tasty carmelized wings, it's a great recipe to try as well!    I don't think over the years I have even made wings that much, except back in the 80's - I made my wings with Shake 'n Bake BBQ - which my kids never liked!!!   I know they would like these though!!!!

The original recipe for the Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings comes from Rock Recipes - just click right here and you can see it - we followed this recipe exactly - I used the split wings and we cooked each batch for approximately 20 minutes.

Here they are - all coated up and ready to go in the fryer!!

Cooked and tossed in the honey garlic mixture - they are sooo good!  We rate them a 10 out of 10!!!  And, don't they look nice in Pyrex??


  1. Frying scares me, but these look like they're totally worth a few little burns! And yes, they look extra fabulous in Pyrex. : )

  2. Alex loves wings and the ones I make for him are baked in the oven. I will definitely have to try these! His skinny butt can handle all the calories :-)


  3. They do look amazing in the pyrex ;D

  4. That makes my mouth water! I've never eaten a chicken wing...I know, it's crazy! I'm probably really missing out on something good! Hugs!