Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old Valentine Postcards

A few years ago I was into vintage postcards, I shared some at Christmas, my Valentine postcards are not as plentiful, I think they were more expensive to buy, that's why I only have very few, but here they are....they are so pretty.  Wouldn't it be special to get a card like this in the mail?  I'm linking up with My Favorite Thing at Mockingbird Hill Cottage

The card was addressed to Miss Minnie Ferguson, Garretton, Ont. 

Gertrude sent this one to Miss Wilda Laub in 1908

There's writing on this one but I can't make it out

Anna sent this one to Master Walter Barnhart , it was postmarked from Harrisburg, PA in 1909

This wouldn't be a politically correct Valentine these days!  Charles Alfred sent it to Marjory Duff, I wonder if he was her sweetheart way back in 1908

I don't know if you would really call this a Valentine or not, I just always thought it was the cutest.  Click on it so you can read what's under each bow.  This card was never used. 

I'm including these because they were in with the Valentines -  it's a little hard to scan something small like this and have them straight, so, excuse me on that.  These are calling cards, I googled calling cards to read a bit more about them, the telephone calling card is what automatically came up, that's what a calling card is to us now.  These are probably from the early 20th century - when visiting friends or "making calls",  people would leave a card at the front door or parlor, usually in a special silver dish, even if the person they were visiting was at home.  They were used as a reminder about who had visited recently and deserved a visit in turn.  Can you just imagine some of these finely dressed ladies passing out their calling cards?  Have you ever seen them before?


  1. You have a sweet collection of Valentine Post Cards Jill. I found a couple at a thrift store once and I have a very old folded Valentine card from the early 1900's that was in my Grammie's things. It has a 3 dimensional front to it and is very fragile. They are difficult to find.

  2. Those are so nice. The one with the little knots is darling..

  3. I love your collection of vintage cards. The cards were so much more detailed and beautiful years ago.

  4. I enjoy vintage post cards! I am going to look for a few Valentine's Day cards when antiquing!
    hugs, Linda

  5. I love how old those postcards are and how well they have stood up over the years. I have heard of calling cards before. I think I saw them on tv or something. How fun that would have been. Knowing me, I would have had them in several different designs:-)


  6. Jill
    You have a lovely collection of V' cards!
    I've never seen a real calling card as of yet. Smart idea, but I never get so much company that I can't remember who came.

  7. These are fantastic. I especially love the ribbon one - even if it is not a real Valentine... it is pretty awesome.

    Thanks for sharing! I found you via Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

  8. I have never heard of the calling cards before! What a great collection. I liked you put the who to and who from. Makes you wonder about the sender and receiver!

  9. There are stacks of calling cards at Annie's for $1.50 each. They're so pretty! I haven't let myself buy any because I think I could get addicted. lol
    All of your cards are so pretty! The one with the bows is so unique and special!
    Erica :)

  10. I love those vintage Valentone's cards!

  11. Those are awesome! I love them. So unique. The way people lived 100 years ago eh? So romantic. :)

  12. All of them are lovely, I think my favorite is the colored bow card. That is so sweet!

  13. The postcards are all wonderful but I am really in love with the calling cards. Something from our perfect!