Thursday, February 7, 2013

Minestrone Soup - Pinned and Liked!

I am not ashamed to admit I'm not much of a soup maker - I have no problem with chowders but a pot of turkey or vegetable soup - it turns out more like stew and then I'm discouraged.    But, I keep trying and hoping for success - finally, it happened with this Minestrone Soup - the original pin came from Taste of August - leftovers for lunch today and it was just as good  - I'll definitely be making it again...  I followed the recipe to the letter - my pasta choice was whole wheat fusilli.  I'm linking up today with Share Your Cup Thursday and Weekend Potluck

The soup is cooking!

Time to eat the soup!


  1. Oh my! That looks fantastic! I will be trying this because I am a great cook with everything except making home made soup!

  2. That soup looks so yummy!

  3. oh that does look good! i'm a BIG soup maker! that is the one thing i'm good at! haha

  4. It looks so tasty Jill. Yummy pasta, vegetables and broth! Thanks for sharing with SYC.