Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Cities-Six Thrifts-Slim Pickins'

The title says it all - pickins' are slim!  I had an overnight visit with Carla this week, I made the rounds at the three shops there, stopped in at my regular spots on the way home - guess I'm lucky I found anything at all.....  

This was in really bad shape, I thought I could fix it up, but there's no fixing that chip on the cornerwhich  I didn't even see that when I picked it up - but it was a  pink flamingo oblong baker, #232, Made in Canada, I felt I had to buy it.   I have a lime green one that is perfect, this is far from perfect - it was $2

I scrubbed it and scrubbed it - it's better than it was, but it's not real pretty!!!

Lambs and bunnies and blooms...

I don't usually buy things like this but I'm trying to fill up a corner shelf and this is pretty darn cute - it was $1

I am not playing the piano, the organ or the guitar, I just bought it for display

I think I have a Golden Book sickness, really, I have no business buying these ....

I have never seen an Eloise Wilkin soft cover Golden Shape book,  but I had to buy this one, even though some of the pages are missing...

This illustration has to be the sweetest one in the book

Good night, Baby..

Remember I found this hat last week for 50 cents, I took it to Carla, she claimed it, she'll be wearing it....

It's time to join the parties at Thrifty Things FridayThriftasaurus and Junkin Joe - check them out for lots of great blog posts on all things thrifty...


  1. It is pretty slim pickins out there but you found some cute items. I hate to see abused Pyrex but at least you can cook with it!!

  2. She looks great in that hat!!!

  3. The thrifting dry spell seems to be wide spread, I've been out of luck lately as well.

  4. Hi! Love your blog! To clean Pyrex use Oven Cleaner. It won't hurt the finish and it will leave it beautifully clean. I've bought and sold Pyrex for years...this is a secret! LOL It really works and so much easier than every thing else I tried before.

  5. Great blog! Found you through the Junkin Joe link party and following now!

  6. I found the same pink pan yesterday! :)

  7. Love the little lamb jar, and that's a great vintage hat!

  8. Always hard to pass-up pink Pyrex, specially for $2.
    The illustration of the baby book and the music book cover are too sweet.

  9. Usually right after Christmas I find a ton of things I cannot resist, but It certainly is slim pickings this year. I have only bought a dresser and a diary. I am in love with those illustrations.

  10. Too bad the Flamingo brownie pan was chipped, I hate when you miss something and then find out it is chipped at home. I have done that a few times, I love love your lamb cute!

  11. Slim pickings all around Ontario!

    6 thrifts for me today (5 Value Villages, 1 Salvation Army) & very slim pickings...

    I did get 4 pieces of Pyrex & 3 other things. None of it is too thrilling though. Just your normal, stuff, but I did find the Meadow promotional without a lid.

    Monday is Value Village Super Savers 50% off Card Members day! (though, I am staying far away, especially since it doesn't include housewares). I probably won't thrift next week.

    I feel like I am talking a lot. I thought of you today at the thrift. I saw a very large Colonial Mist... & I'm like... I know only one person who likes CM.. haha.

  12. Keep on buying those Golden Books, Jill! If you love them, that is reason enough. So sad about the pink baker. Why can't people take better care of their precious Pyrex?

    Have a great weekend!


  13. I too have a little obsession with Golden Books! Lately I've tried to resist the urge to buy them unless they are really old then they definitely go in the cart. I recently bought a pyrex pie plate that had a chip. I had just paid for it then notice the chip so they let me exchange it for another item.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. You found some fun vintage thridted treasures! The Pokey Puppy is one of our all time favs here! Thanks for sharing at TTF. Have a great week!

  15. You found some interesting things my friend!!! (hugs)