Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It Pays to Complain....

Do you buy discounted food in the grocery store?  Do you take stock of the expiry or best before dates?  We really should, food is expensive enough, there's nothing worse than getting home and seeing a date on your food that has already passed by.  I have bought clearance food, but only meat and that is only if it expires that day or the next and I'm going to use it right away.

Sunday we were in the city, I ran into the grocery store to pick up another package of egg rolls wrappers, we had made them on Saturday and had mix left, so we wanted to make a few more.  Homemade egg rolls are a treat and so good - take a look here.  The grocery store had about ten packages, all with a $2 clearance sticker right across the middle, I tried to peel it off but it was not coming off.  I bought them, because there was nothing else and I figured the date was for that day, I paid 99 cents for them and left the store.  We were driving along, peeled off the sticker - January 10 was marked, Sunday was the 20th - now, they just should not be selling anything that far past the date.  We had already gone down the road, I ended up going to two more stores before I found any more egg roll wrappers - thankfully, they were all close together.

I got home and typed up my complaint to the grocery store customer service, yesterday I got a phone call, with many apologies - and an offer of this - it arrived in the mail today..

A $25 gift card to Metro!  I think that is very generous compensation ...  This is going to be saved until lobsters come on special next time...

This morning I was getting milk at the convenience store - the first jug I took out - the date was January 20 - that is three days ago - I told the cashier, she wondered how that could be....  I wonder too......  Watch those best before dates....


  1. I always check the dates on anything perishable that I buy. I have often seen things on the shelves expired or expiring that day. I agree about meat products. I will buy them at the discounted price and throw them in the freezer. Woo hoo on your $25 gift card. That is awesome customer service!


  2. In most stores that is a definite no, no -- and then there are the discount stores that only sell the expired stuff. I once almost bought instant cameras that were two years past date -- not good!

    But yes be careful!

    I complained about rotten meat once and got nothing. You must have been very sweet! Good job!

  3. It sure does pay to complain. We pay a lot of money for fresh food and to find the date expired is really maddening. Good thing you wrote the store. I always check the dates on everything today. When you live outside the city it's a nuisance to have to return for a refund. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Great customer service response from them! I bought some Primo Pasta last month, made dinner and it tasted like it was ten years old. Hubby ate his but I couldn't so had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich instead. I emailed them - zero response and it has been several weeks already. Not buying it again!

  5. I really do try to watch those dates and if I get something expired I try to take it back. Glad you complained and got a gift card!

  6. I used to complain very often, especially about customer service... but ever since working in customer service, I have slowed down some.


    (sorry for the language, but FFS! We all had a good, good laugh, especially after watching the camera, but gosh... haha)

    I hate Metro. Metro in the city is disgusting. The Metro near where you took a picture of the sleigh when you where here (it's underground) is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. It's dirty, there are fruit flies all over the produce section, rotten produce all over, staff doesn't acknowledge you, cashiers are on their phones while checking you out..

  7. I sometimes buy reduce produce to use in soups but I did have an experience similar to yours last week. I bought a box of Rainforest crackers (not cheap $6.99) from Farm Boy and never even thought to check the BBD! It was December 23, 2011! Can you believe it! I brought the box back and was given a full refund...kinda wish I wrote a letter of complaint! A Farm Boy gift card would of been nice. Good for you letting the company know!

  8. LOL OK- Well now I'm laughing at Sir ??? What??? lol
    Anyway, that's too bad about the dates. I'm super super picky about dates on things. But most of all when it comes to the half n half that goes into my coffee! Stores should even be aloud to sell some of the things that they do.
    Hope you get to buy a great FRESH lobster!
    Erica :)

  9. It's good that you spoke up!!

  10. that is such a bummer. that has happened to me before and it is especially annoying if you get all the way home and are ready to cook something. i got a bag a dog food from a small independent shop about a week ago and it had expired in august! thankfully they took it back but they seemed to think i was lying and had just brought them my old bag of food. :/

  11. I had purchased a ham, and had it for a while but it was unopened. The expiration date was close, but not outdated. When I opened it, the ham was slimey. I took it back and the checker sent me to get another one, not questions asked. Of course, I live in a small town, so that probably makes a difference.