Sunday, January 6, 2013

This and That

First off, I will get the Christmas out of the way, I don't know if anybody cares to see Christmas after Christmas, but I really wanted to share one of these items.  Carla and I were at the Salvation Army after Christmas, they were just packing up the Yuletide goodies, oh, no, I thought,no chance of getting  anything here, I guess they must put it away for another year, they were packing it in totes - but, then one of the ladies passed me a bag and said to fill it for $2 - so, I did!

I've been searching online for a knee hugger like this one - I haven't found one yet - he's about 8 inches tall, there's the edge of a tag, I wish it was still attached..  Anybody seen one like this? 

I didn't want the basket but the fixins' are great and I'll be able to do something with them next year.

I don't think this is an old bottle of snow, but I'm going to spray it out and use it for a decoration - I was filling up that bag, after all.  That's a set of paper coasters from Hallmark.  I very well could have that same Pez here in the house, Darcy used to collect them!

Such a sweet cover on this booklet of Christmas Carols.

Golden Shape Book

Casper Christmas Comic from the 80's

I found this book before Christmas

Also this vintage Canadian cookbook 

I guess I am still drawn to hankies, Mom collected them and had over 400, I saw these one day at the SA, I probably paid $1 for them, there was one with a "C" on it that I gave to Carla, I may just put them in with the rest o fthe collection or maybe list some of them.  No, I'm not collecting hankies!

I have the pink 403 but if you spot another one, well, you just can't leave it behind, especially, since it's pink.   it was at Value Village.   I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet...

I found this when I was at Carla's too - I wrote about this little white/opal bowl on The Pyrex Collective last week - I just about passed it by, Pyrex is fun because of the colorful patterns but this little 401 bowl isn't so bad!  And, it was only 50 cents!

I thought this might be something Carla would like - it was 50 cents.  I've had it in the freezer for the last 24 hours, I sprayed it with Febreeze and then into the freezer it went!

It's a Georgette - probably from the 50's or 60's - they go for a nice amount online so we'll see if she takes it or if it gets listed.  It's so pretty!

I have some Vera finds too but I'll save that for another post.

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  1. Wow, nice finds Jill! Looks like Carla's having Christmas in January too!

  2. i'm always up for some christmas! i love that hat too.

  3. Hello Friend! I'm back! :)
    I laughed right away at your post because I've been wondering if I should show the last of my Christmas findings or not too.
    I think I might have to!
    You did great with your $2 bag!
    Will talk to you soon,

  4. That hat is so pretty! I also can't blame you for picking up a second pink 403, any pink Pyrex is hard to leave behind.

  5. Does the febreeze and then the freezer really work to take the smell out? Would hate for the hate to be unwearable. It is so cute.

  6. Lovely finds! I don't know what I would do if I ever found a pink pyrex bowl while out thrifting..faint probably! I am going to try a recipe this week that I noticed on one of your pinterest boards!

  7. You found some great Christmas goodies and at a great price! Love the pink Pyrex and those hankies are sweet!
    hugs, Linda

  8. There is an unspoken rule in the world of Pyrex and that is if you find something pink, even if it is a dulipcate or triplicate piece, YOU MUST BUY IT!! I have that Better Homes & Gardens book too. Aren't the illustrations so cute?

    Great finds & I am in love with that hat!


  9. Nice finds! its all really great stuff :)

  10. Great New Year's finds! Thanks for sharing the freezer tip for buying hats ~ I'm always reluctant to buy hats unless I can throw them in the wash. I'm so wanting to find a stash of hankies ~ you could make a sweet Valentines bunting with them!

  11. Fantastic finds! I hardly ever find Pyrex these days, let alone PINK. So jealous! I love that BHG birthdays book, too. Very cute - I've never seen that one.

  12. Oh you found lots of fun thrift finds! I love all the cookbooks and the hankies! Sorry I am so late visiting...just making it under the wire for this week's TTF! LOL thanks for sharing last week!

  13. I have that Pink mixing bowl, found it at an antique store. Love pink pyrex, and also like your little white pyrex mixing bowl, You can make it fun and serve soup or salad in it and mix it with maybe pink that same size on the table!