Monday, January 21, 2013

Home Made Egg Rolls

We first had home made egg rolls at my sister in law's house a few years ago, I've had the recipe for probably just as many years, but we never made them.  We got a craving for them before Christmas and finally tried them - oh, my, they are just so good.  Not a meal you would have on a regular basis, every few months will be ok - we made them again this weekend - just as good as the first time.  

Egg Rolls

1 small cabbage (chopped 2-3 cups)

1 medium onion

1 can bamboo shoots ( 8 oz- 227 ml)

2 cups bean sprouts

3 regular pork chops

Salt & Pepper ( 1 tsp of each)

Chinese Five Spice Powder - 1/4 tsp or less (Don't overload on this)

Garlic clove, peanut oil

1 pkg. egg roll wrappers

Chop up cabbage, onion, bamboo shoots - set aside

Put pork chops through processor, small pieces at a time.  Cut until very smooth - set aside - I think I just might use prepackaged ground pork next time.

Cut 1 garlic clove up finely.

Put your wok on high heat, pour in about 2 tbsp. peanut oil, add chopped garlic  (about (1/2 tbsp).  Watch it carefully, as it will burn quickly.  Add meat  -  keep stirring it around and chopping at it.  It should look like oatmeal - white/grey when done.

Toss in cabbage, onion and bamboo shoots - stir all until hot.  Add bean sprouts,also stirring until hot.

Sprinkle salt, pepper and 5 spice over top and stir well.  Leave on high and keep stirring around for about 3 minutes.  Turn off.

Lay out a wrapper and start filling.  Make sure that the wrapper isn't split or cracked anywhere, if it is, it will spit and go crazy when it hits the hot fat..

Don't make them up ahead of time.  Store your stuffing and wrappers separately, if you make some up and leave them sitting, the wrappers will go like chewed up wet gum!  And they will be stuck to whatever they are sitting on.  

In case there are no directions on your wrapper package - lay wrapper flat, put egg white around all four sides.  Place small amount of mixture in middle.  Fold sides toward middle(not to meet) and press down to stick to egg white.  Put more egg white on these folded sides and start rolling up from bottom to meet top.  Press firmly to stick all seams shut.  Add more egg if needed.

We did some mini ones as well, when we have these, it's just an egg roll meal for us - nothing else, except a glass of wine!!!

I'm sharing my recipe over at Strut Your Stuff and  Weekend Potluck


  1. Mmm - now I regret that we didn't do any eggrolls this year at Christmas - might just have to make some soon!

  2. Yum. They do look very good Jill. We had some purchased ones for our New Years Eve supper which probably don't compare but we seldom eat them these days. Pamela

  3. These look so good!!! I could eat egg rolls everyday (embarrassing but true).

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  4. Your egg rolls look delicious Jill! I always dip mine in duck sauce :-)

  5. What a great idea. I have always wanted to make egg rolls, but I have been just too lazy!

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    Have a great day!!

  7. *Gosh do those ever look good* I now feel totally hungry! *hahah*