Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some Christmas from Home

We're back from another trip to Prince Edward Island - hopefully, the sad events are over and we can really enjoy a vacation when we go back the next time.  

I scrounged through the house for Christmas items and this is what I came back with...sometimes it just feels like an antique market there -  but way better, it's free and I remember all these things being used at Christmas when I was a little girl.

I'm showing the three sides to this music box that plays "Silent Night" - it belonged to my grandmother and is still in the original box.

There was a red candle in the middle but it was in rough shape so I'll have to get a new one.

Isn't it the cutest thing? The figures are rubber.  Made in Japan

These tiny little gift bags were in the box with the music box - they have string at the top and are stamped - Made in Korea

Santa and his Reindeer  - stamped - Japan

DoubleGlo Tinsel Garland - 39 cents - as advertised in LIFE

After Christmas we would go to visit my grandparents in New Brunswick, Mom always had to get to the after Christmas sales at Woolco, I remember the popcorn machine there, that's what I wanted, I didn't want to be walking around looking at Christmas ornaments, but I sure like them now!  The sale price on these glittery balls was 74 cents.

This box was marked down to 53 cents

Two of Mom's Christmas corsages

I never heard of the term Putz until I started reading blogs, I guess that is what these are - we always had these, I have a bunch more - stamped - Japan.  I love the big Christmas tree, it even has real balls on it.

Pinecone Snowmen

My first stocking - I had this forever, until Mom made us all stockings

I bought this at a little shop in Maine on the way home - everything upstairs was half off - I  paid $1.00 - I guess it's an ashtray, I just thought it was so cute.

I was so happy to find this Santa blowmold at an  antique shop in Vermont - he's about 13 inches tall - I paid $15 - it's stamped - Empire Plastic Corp, 1968.  I never see things like that around here, I didn't mind paying that for such a nice Santa.

Today I'm linking up with the Thriftosaurus Thrift Haul and Apron Thrift Girl.  And, of course, lots of reds - so, linking up with Rednesday


  1. Hi Jill! So glad that you are back and hope that everything is getting a little better. Vintage Christmas is the best especially when it is free! I love love love the blow mold. When the Rednesday link is up, you will have to check out my blog post. I found one too!


  2. So happy you're home and back to blogging! Just put all of those
    x-mas things in a box and send this way!jk I'm happy for you that you found such great treasures! I have that Santa blowmold...he's a cutie!
    Erica :)

  3. I'm happy you're home -- maybe things will look up from now on! I love all the Christmas goodies you came back with. Those that come with memories from childhood are always the most precious!

  4. Jill, I am not sure what has been going on. With my daughter here a month and then leaving for Spain I have missed out on alot of visits. I must tell you that I so want to go to Prince Edwards Island someday. Love all of your treasures! the Putz houses, sigh!
    The music box and pinecone cuties. All are precious. I have two blo mold Santas. One small and one very large outdoor one. Hope all is well!

  5. Mom's treasures are even more treasured now! Those corsages are the cat's meow! You are a lucky, lucky girl!

  6. Oh my goodness what AMAZING finds! You'll have to post photos at Christmas with how you've decorated your house with all of these vintage treasures :)

    Keep up the amazing work & Stay Glamorous!

    xxxLottie Lee


  7. I love all your vintage christmas stuff! I scored recently at a thrift store I never go to because I never had luck there. Well apparently they have awesome (vintage) christmas stuff! I love your blowmold santa! I got a blodmold candle made by the same company from 1970 for 3.00 last week. And the bulb still works, cant beat that vintage christmas bulb glow :)

  8. Hopefully now things will get somewhat back to normal for you! Love all the Christmas goodies you brought back....especially those little houses!!

  9. You always find the cutest things Jill! I love the blow mold! I never find those darn things!!!!
    Those corsages are wonderful! What do you plan on doing with them?
    The Putz houses are too cute!
    Happy REDNESDAY! :)

  10. Enjoyed visiting and seeing your cute Christmas goodies. Seems it comes around quicker each year.

  11. I'm so sorry for the losses your family has suffered. I bet having all of these Christmas goodies that you remember from your childhood will be a great comfort to you. They're all fantastic, especially that music box!
    Happy REDnesday,

  12. Wow, Jill! You definitely came home with a"store's worth of goods! Imagine if you had to pay "antique" prices for all those.

  13. I started collecting Putz houses about 15 years ago - just because I thought the first one I bought would look cute in a little nook on my staircase. Now I am really hooked! You have a lovely set and they look to be in amazing shape. The best part is they were yours already and they hold such memories...like long buried treasure. Thanks for sharing all of it - such great stuff!

  14. Such wonderful Christmas items and very special childhood memories also. Glad they are coming home with you.
    hugs, Linda

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