Monday, October 22, 2012

Dishes and Scarves

I brought these lovely pink dishes back home with me, taken from the cupboard - Mom loved glass,   - plates, candy dishes, bowls, anything at all but  I don't know anything about old glass at all.  I can bet there is someone out there who can tell me something about these pieces.  Help me!    There are no markings on either one.

Cake Plate

Pickle Dish??

Found this 403 Brown Homestead at VV - $3.99

Two Echo scarves and one Givenchy - I'll be listing these..

Prince Edward Island was very good to me when it came to Vera scarves -  that's six new Vera's - my collection now numbers eighty-eight - I started collecting last fall.  The most I paid for any of these was $2.99.

More Vera

Today I'm linking up with Apron Thrift GirlThriftosaurus Thrift Haul and The Nifty Thrifty - check them out - there's a lot of people out there that are finding some great stuff!


  1. I recognize your cake plate. The pattern is Mayfair Open Rose. That's a very collectible piece. I'm not sure about the second photo..would have to do some research. Congrats on finding some more Vera!

  2. I visited a fall festival this past weekend and saw a booth full of Vera scares! I thought to myself, "Jill would have a ball in this booth!" Sorry I didn't get a pic :(
    Very beautiful dishes from your mama! Every time I make a trip to my father's house, I root through my mother's goodies. I usually find some good items! It always puts a smile on my face. :)

  3. I had the cake plate for many years and gave it to my daughter before moving to FL when scaling back my belongings. I remembered the pattern too...but it was already identified! I have always loved depression glass. Great finds!

  4. 88 Veras??? LOL That's crazy!
    The pink glass is so pretty. I have to look, but I think my mom has the same cake plate that was my Grandmas.
    Erica :)

  5. The other pink dish is a pattern called Adam, which was made by Jeannette Glass from 1932 to 1934. I think that piece is called a divided relish dish.

  6. I have plates just like those! I don't know what their names are! Love your Vera scarves!

  7. Such pretty pink dishes. And more great scarves!

  8. I love the pink depression glass. Looks like you got a good I.D. in your first comment. It is lovely.

  9. So much Vera! I would love to find some... maybe I should look harder through the scarves at the thrifts. I love the Givenchy one, too!
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  10. I love the pink glass pieces you brought home from you Mom's. I always enjoy seeing your Vera scarf collection grow!

    hugs, Linda

  11. Come to think of it, I haven`t seen Homestead mixing bowls in awhile at the thrifts. I see the casseroles all the time with the lids though!

    I found some Vera napkins awhile ago. I don`t remember if I pôsted yet!