Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Memories

There won't be much text in this post - I've been going through the pictures and this is what I found for Halloween...  As always, clicking on the picture will give you a closer look...

Mom made me this crepe paper dress for a Halloween Party,  I can't imagine how crinkly that felt.  

Me and my first pumpkin

Guess that was the year of the clowns!  A small plastic bag was good enough for Cheryl and I.

Notice I had a white cap on under the red one - it was probably freezing.  I just recently saw this bag on Pinterest, I recognized it right away - looks like I used it for at least two years!

Using the bag as a gypsy.

The one time I ever had a store bought costume - I don't know how I got my coat on under it - I loved that costume!!!

Me, Debbie and Cheryl

I didn't have time to go through the many MacKay albums when I was home, even though this isn't Halloween, Gary is still in costume on the pony!

Fantasyland, PEI - now called King's Castle - Darcy is lurking around the canteen

Carla looked so cute as an old lady!!

She was a hunchback one year

And a robot, another year.

How did Darcy see with that mask on?  I bet he didn't like it!!  

Darcy's first Halloween - he looks bundled up!

Darcy was a ladybug, did I really put pink earmuffs on him??  Carla was a witch, a costume, which was repeated many times.

Carla - as a witch, again

Carla and her friend, Bobby

Carla, Kristy, & Heidi

Gary painted all the bones on a black sweat suit - that was a good costume!!


Darcy as an elf

That was a great pumpkin person!!

Carla and Darcy


  1. I love your photos! Theyre awesome! What sweet memories. My mother dressed me up as a bunch of grapes for my first halloween, she pinned purple balloons to my winter coat. Haha!

  2. So sweet. What a fun look at all of the costumes. I adore the crepe dress!

  3. such great sentimental Halloween pictures, love them!

  4. Awwwww, so sweet. I was looking at some older photos of my kids from previous Halloween's and they made me cry, but they were happy tears! Thanks so much for sharing these memories with all of us. They are amazing photos and you are so lucky to have the ones of yourself from your childhood.


  5. really nice photos! i especially love the crepe paper dress! and debbie as a clown is terrifying!

  6. These are great! I wish I had some from my childhood! My favorite is the crepe paper dress! So sweet :)

  7. Great photos thanks for sharing!
    *Clown Debbie* would scare the pants off my Husband. He gets upset if I buy a cute little clown figurine. *lol* HE'S TERRIFIED of clowns.

    The crepe paper dress is very well done.

  8. I loved looking at those great costumes!! The witch with the green face was fabulous!!