Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pocket Letters

My first post for 2016 and it's going to be about "Pocket Letters" because I love making them, swapping and receiving them in the mail.   I started this craze back in the spring, I haven't made as many as some people, but I still feel like I'm addicted to them!!!  I've met some great ladies through these swaps, some of which I continue to swap with.  Honesty is a big part of it, 95% of the time everything goes smoothly, but there are always those people out there who commit to a swap and then come up with excuse after excuse why you haven't received their letter.  I don't swap with them again!  

That's all the letters that have arrived at my house - I really need to get bigger binders.  I received 21 Christmas letters, which I placed all in the bulging binder at the top.   In total there are 62 pocket letters in those binders.

After being away over Christmas, I made my first letter yesterday, to replace one that didn't reach it's destination, mine didn't make it to her either, that's so strange!   She requested a winter one.   Today, all the Christmas and winter things will be packed away, next up - Valentine Pocket Letters or just what ever I want!    

Here's a couple of Christmas letters I made...

And a couple of regular ones that I made a while back...

 I look forward to lots more fun swaps this year!!



  1. Those are all so sweet and cute!!! I just love them!! Happy New Year!! xo Holly

  2. Do they open like a card? Are they the size of a trading card? How fun! These are beautiful!

    1. You use a plastic trading card folder, decorate your front, the back, if you like, and usually, people include goodies in the back. They are so fun, Jeannie - Google it, you'll see lots!!

    2. I finally did Google pocket letters and love them! I got my pockets from Amazon and made my first one last night for one of my sisters. Today I shopped for fun items and made two more for my granddaughters. I'm not posting them yet until I give my sister hers because she reads my blog and I want it to be a big surprise. I'll send you a photo by email.

  3. Wow, you have a lot! Like your two "regular" ones. Very fun!

  4. I enjoyed doing some pocket letters but you are addicted my friend! It is fun and I hope to exchange a few more this year. Just keep sharing the one's you make and receive as I enjoy seeing them.

  5. This looks like fun! Awesome letters!

  6. This looks like fun! Awesome letters!

  7. Very fun!
    Great way to meet people.

    Happy 2016!!

    M : )

  8. thank linda cool hobby will definitely be trying this out have a great day and stay in the pink

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