Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Old Christmas

I actually found a few vintage kitschy Christmas items in the past few days, all bought at different shops,  costing me less than $2 for the three items - my kind of price!

A knee hugger on gold - pure kitsch!!  25 cents!!

Why didn't I head to the Christmas section as soon as I got to this shop - there was a man browsing and he picked up three boxes of old ornaments, I got my hands on these right quick.  He says - "they don't make them like this anymore"  REALLY??  I kept watching him in the hopes he would put them down but no such luck.    I paid 25 cents for them so I shouldn't complain!!!  Hoping to collect up enough to make another wreath for next year!

I bought the two mini cups, my first two tiny ones - love those Santa cups!!  $1

Vintage Christmas has been scarce so far and I'm more selective than I was - I have a lot!!


  1. What great prices! And tell me about vintage Xmas being scarce!!! Glad you found some.

  2. I love buying vintage ornaments, so much so that starting next year I plan on buying them up for resale - only at christmas time and only locally. It will pay for my habit and I can keep the best of the lot. Great finds. Mom has a couple of those elves she has had since I was a kid. I have none, need to find some of them. Also love the Christmas cups.

    1. Vintage decorations are just getting harder and harder to find, when I first starting buying this stuff a few years ago, I used to find a nice array, not so much anymore. I also have all my parent's stuff and some of my grandmother's. We never had the elves at home, I've got a few now, all thrifted. Hope you find some great stuff this season!!

  3. I too love finding vintage Christmas but its getting pretty scarce at the thrifts. I might have to try more Estate Sales. of course I really have as much as I need, just not as much as I WANT! LOL.

  4. i only seem to find the tiny santa cups, but i love that size so it's ok! congrats on the deals! i haven't looked much this year, but deals like that are so few and far between!

  5. The Christmas cups are just charming, Jill! I wonder how they made them. It seems to be a detailed work. Perhaps they just look so tiny. I wonder what's the size.
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