Friday, December 11, 2015

A Christmas Story & The Leg Lamp

I love this movie!!!  But, I never discovered it until a couple of years ago, hard to believe because it was first shown in 1983 - my children missed the experience of this great movie!  But, now they know about it!!!!

I found a little Hallmark tree ornament in the shape of the "leg lamp" from the movie, I was content with that until I was away this past weekend and saw a 20 inch lamp, I loved it but I thought it was too expensive, that was on Friday night, I thought about it all weekend, I went back on Sunday afternoon, gone - every one!!  I was so disappointed - really disappointed!!!

I started searching the internet and found where I could order here in Canada, I ordered Sunday night, I had my leg lamp yesterday.  Lesson learned there though, I ended up paying more but it's worth it,   it's everything I had hoped for!!

If you've watched the movie, you know all about the leg lamp - how Ralphie's father won the full size lamp - "It's a Major Award", Fra-gee-lay - It must be Italian, Isn't it Glorious - and, my lamp if glorious!

When we were in Cleveland last year visiting the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame, we stopped at The Christmas Story House but it was too late in the day, it was closed.   But, I did see the lamp in the window - the film was shot in Cleveland and Toronto - here's an article about the Toronto locations that were used in the film.  I want to go back to Cleveland again so I can tour the house and visit the gift shop across the street!!  

This is my very favourite Christmas movie!!  Do you like it?


  1. Love that movie!! Fun lamp you now have! I bought the Chinese restaurant Dept. 56 light up house a few years ago. So neat. And so cool you got to see the house, even if it was closed.

  2. That was my husband's all time favorite movie. I remember fondly all of the years when he would watch and rewatch it again and again. He would just laugh and laugh even tho he had seen it many times. My kids got him the leg lamp one year for Christmas. He loved it!


  3. Can you believe that I've never seen this movie? We love Christmas movies here so it just doesn't make sense that we don't have this one! I'm going to buy it today :-)


  4. I'm sorry to say I do not like it! But my husband LOVES it! I think your lamp is super cool though and seeing the house would be fun. :)