Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Found Some Things!!

I actually have a post of some treasures I've found in the last week!!  The posts and the purchases are few and far between - a house can only hold so much stuff, can't it?  I'm being selective!!

Anyone that has been following my blog for a while, knows that I am always on the lookout for Vera scarves - my collection numbers 288 right now, I hope I can reach 300 by the end of the summer.  Last Friday I saw an unexpected yard sale, lo and behold, I found a Vera there - for 25 cents or was it 50 cents, whatever, it was a steal.  I was away last weekend and found the rest of these at a Salvation Army - always on the lookout!!

I've been looking for a nice jug for a while, spotted this one at Value Village the other day!

I wanted it to replace a Pyrex carafe that I had on this shelf, now I need to find another one to replace the green coffee pot!  It sure is hard to take a good picture when you're standing on a chair!!!

I hardly ever see these magazines at the thrift stores, they're so great to cut up for SMASHing, I bought every one - and got one for free!!

It's raining here today, I didn't go to any yard sales but there was an estate sale advertised, which we never have here, of course, I had to check it out!!!  I came out with a bag of goodies for $5.

It's worn, but we're of Scottish heritage and it'll be great in the game room!

I bought this little alarm clock because I received one for Christmas, in the 70's, as well, mine is beige and has one leg broken off, I knew I was going to get it for cheap, so I took it!  It still works!  And, I love the little note on the bottom, looks like that might have been a Toronto jeweller!

This is a real vintage Cootie game!  My kids had a Cootie game but it sure wasn't like this one, look at those little game pieces!

A mixed bag of game pieces to go in a jar!

There was a box of playing cards, I took them all, some of the illustrations are so cute!!  I can use them for SMASHing, or my newest thing - pocket letters, but that's a post for another day!!!

It was fun to poke around and actually find a few things, hope the fun continues!!  


  1. Lots of great things! I love the pitcher and your collection looks great.


  2. Great finds, but stop climbing on chairs for photos! I am enjoying your Instagrams, too. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Nice finds! I was at a sale a couple weeks ago-- they had the same Cootie game for over ten bucks! Needless to say, I passed.

  4. Oh my gosh, Jill. That floral pitcher is amazing! It looks to be in such good condition too. I never seen those at the thrifts. What an amazing score!

    Happy Mothers Day!


  5. You got some great stuff! Love the Vera scarves and that Cootie game takes me back....waaaay back.... LOL!

  6. Love that pitcher. It is one I have not seen. The cards are a lot of fun. I've been starting to pick of different bits of ephemera and selling it on IG. Cute and kitschy seems to sell well!

  7. Wow! You hit the JACKPOT!

    M :)

  8. That jug will certainly come in handy for iced tea and lemonade on these warmer days (finally - yay!).

  9. You always spot the greatest things at sales! I want to tag along with you! lol..