Monday, May 18, 2015

Forgotten Paper!

How can anyone throw things like this out?  I don't understand!  We went back to a sale that threw open their doors for the second week.  I knew there probably wasn't anything there and I was right, except for some stuff they had marked as garbage.  I spotted a box on the way out of the garage, it was all paper, I thought there might have been something interesting, we asked if we could go through it, no problem, says the son of the lady that owned the home.   

This album had some pictures removed but so many great photos, I don't know these people but I couldn't leave this album there to be thrown out.  Is anyone else interested in things like this, besides me?  

From what I can figure out, the photographer signed up to serve in the Second World War, he was from Toronto, his training was in Nova Scotia - there are many pictures of that time. 

Were these lovely ladies some girlfriends of the soldiers?

Selfies before selfies were cool, in the early 40's.

How many of these brave young men made it back to Canada?

Even a couple of hankies in the album.

I wonder if these happy couples were married before the war or after?  Isn't this a lovely picture?

The wedding shots are beautiful!

Also in the box was this old chocolate box, full of old cards, postcards, papers and this soldier's service book, which is oh, so interesting and I know just who I'm sending this to.

I rescued someones history and paid nothing for it - it has me thinking about the young Canadian man who served his country as an aircraft assembler.  


  1. How can a family let something like this go? The pictures are just lovely. Years ago at an auction we ended up with a box that contained an RCAF fighter pilot's log from WW 11. My husband got in touch with the museum in Trenton and donated it.

  2. I recently sorted through much old paperwork and photos that we found at my now deceased in-laws' home. My husband and I agreed that if we did not recognize anyone in a photograph, then the photo would be garbage. That sounds awful, I know. But if the photo means nothing to you or your loved ones, then why keep it? That said, label your photos not only for yourself but for those who "find" them after you are gone. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. I never understood why there were so many family albums and other loose old photos at auctions. Didn't some family member want them?

    I can't tell you how many times at the Goodwill Outlet (giant bins of reject stuff from the regular stores that you have to dig through) that I've found lots of family, child, school, and other personal photos. Makes me sad!

  4. AnonymousMay 18, 2015

    One of my older brothers somehow "lost" our old family album. Broke my heart. I just hope it didn't end up at the landfill but instead ended up at a thrift or antique store and someone like you can appreciate it. Thankfully, my mother had made many copies of some of the pics so each of us kids could have our own but many were not copied so those ones are lost.

  5. Oh, how could someone just throw that all away? The photos are priceless and I love the hankies and the pay book. Lots of awesome stuff there!

  6. I guess someone's trash can truly be a treasure...this is a very nice post.

  7. I wonder if the guy at the sale knew any of the people in the album?
    So sad the someone would get rid of such a thing!

    M :)

  8. It is unfortunate, but I guess that's life. Most people don't realize the historical value of old photos.

  9. Hanna and I bought a photo scanner a few years ago once we came across a huge old box of family photos. We scanned them onto our computers but still kept the originals. Guess it kind of defeats the whole purpose but we couldn't bear to get rid of them! So happy you found them and that they are being appreciated.


  10. Oh my goodness...I would have been so excited to find that treasure. I'm so glad you rescued it. Very cool things!

  11. How sad they didn't want to keep those. Thank you for rescuing them! You know if people don't want them that there are probably relatives that would love them. So I hope people will pass them on instead of trashing them!

  12. It's so sad that these mementos and photos from the past are tossed out and not kept by family. One wonders what happened and why. The photos are really lovely and I'm glad you rescued them even if you don't know them. Pam

  13. Wow ....when I look at those pictures I wonder about the people in them and their pictures. Sad that the family didn't want them. It would be neat to write a story based on these pics. Cheers and Happy Canada Day.