Monday, June 10, 2013

Stuff from Down the Road

Yard sales in this town are so bad, I think I might be done, I always think that there might be something good out there - but there never is, a couple of weeks ago I got my cake carrier and a few other things at one sale, but I'm thinking that might be it for the year - last summer my big find was a blender!  So, I went further down the road -at one sale a couple were  getting rid of a relatives stuff, another was a guy that will be set up every weekend - he said his house is full - I asked for Christmas, he says he thinks he has some in the basement, so I'll be going back there for sure!  

I spotted some shiny brites in this box - it was $2 for this huge box so I took it, the guy even carried it to the car - guess he was that glad to get rid of it!  There was another box too, for free - I left it there!  Most of this box is now in the trunk of my car, going to be donated - the majority of it I didn't want, but I did find a few treasures...  It was a huge box for $2.

Here's everything I kept - from the two sales...

This is a softer plastic than a regular blow mold, there were two in the box, I don't need two, if anyone out there wants it, it's yours, for free, just pay the postage, which can be done through Paypal.  I've never seen one like this before, it works just fine.

In the box were a couple of boxes with ornaments, there were a few good ones, maybe I'll be able to make a shiny brite Christmas wreath this year!  I was interested in the box because when I hit the mother load of shiny brites last year, there were a few made in Poland ones, now I have the boxes for them.   That was one of my best finds EVER, if you missed it, here it is.

I thought this was a pretty decoration

I'll probably be picking the arrangement apart - these were  some of the better decorations, I don't have a Santa like that!

I was happy to open this box, it's lights for a ceramic Christmas tree, my tree doesn't have all the lights, this year it will!

Finally, I have a vintage Christmas tablecloth!

How cute are these place cards?

There were a few packages of tags, mostly just ordinary except for this - they are 3D, click on so you can see that knee hugger, it's the sweetest thing!!!

A stack of 60's and 70's Woman's Day and Good Housekeeping magazines

Lots of neat old ads for SMASHing!

It was the inside caption that took my eye on this...

I wonder if Ruth was the next to marry? Click on it to read the note.

This is pretty old - we haven't tried it yet - I checked it out - it appears that different moving companies offered this type of puzzle..

I have a few of these old crocks from home but none this size, which would be great for flowers.

A couple of small juice glasses to end it off.

It was worthwhile to drive a bit down the road, I really think I might be giving up on the in town yard sales!!

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  1. Giving up on yard sales?! That is so sad. I'm sorry you have such bad luck with them in your area. People must really want to hold on to the good stuff!

    Oh well, you have waaaaaaaay better luck at Value Village than I have here so I guess that makes up for it, right?

    Have a great day!


  2. I always enjoy finding Christmas things in the middle of summer. I just have to remember where I put them when Christmas rolls around! Town-wide garage sales next weekend in our town. Hopefull to find some treasure.

  3. I understand being disenchanted with yard sales. Ours pretty much suck too, but every once in a while there is a gem. That's what drives me to stop here and there.
    Yay on the little lights for your tree! Those are so hard to find around here.

  4. I love all that retro Christmas goodness. I need to keep an eye out for some at the thrifts, it's time to get hunting for it!

  5. Love the note! And the crock is lovely. I don't really go to yard sales, but I'm tempted!

  6. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

    Hurrah for vintage Christmas stuffs!!

    The garage sale treasures are far and few between here, too but we find good deals on other stuff that we need so I keep going! ♥

  7. I hear ya Jill! Our "basic" yard sales are usually terrible. My favorites where we live are church sales, thrift & consignment shops and estate sales. Have to drive an hour to the nearest Goodwill, and have no Value Village of course, LOL!

    Anyway, you found some great stuff! The tablecloth is my favorite of course, the crock is super and you found great vintage Christmas goodies! :) Pam

  8. Every yard sale I've been to in this city of Toronto has sucked!

    Everyone seems to think they are a collectible shop. $25 for the smallest Fire King tulip bowl at a yard sale? $10 for a Ghostbusters fast food glass? $5 for an orphan shaker? $30 for a blown glass vase?

    Value Village in Canada has some great items.

  9. Love the puzzle, how fun, and the Christmas tablecloth is awesome.

  10. I love a big box of junk for cheap and then discover all the treasures. You sure did find some and got your money's worth. Thanks for joining TTF this week.


  11. I adore old magazines! I bet you'll be Smashing :) The table cloth is darling. Glad you found some keepers!

  12. awesome stuff! you always find such interesting and unique things! :)

  13. Like those old magazines. I have the same cookbook (bought on Ebay several years ago). My mom had the same book and got a lot of use out of it (my sister has it now!).

  14. OMG I am SO happy to see this post - I bought a huge bag of those little plastic birds etc.. I assumed they were part of a kids' game.. I got them coz they were $1 for the whole bag and Iris loves little bits and bobs like that... So now I know what they are!! What is a ceramic tree? I'm trying to think if I've seen one of those..I might have to google image it! Thanks!!! I was going to post about them and see if anyone could tell me what they are!!
    Great score $2 for that whole box! I love those original boxes. So pretty.

  15. AnonymousJune 13, 2013

    You found some goodies - that Santa tablecloth made me say "ooooo!"

  16. Wow! So many goodies!! :) Around here it seems like the garage sales aren't too good, either. Church sales, estate, rummages, is where its at! Lol!! :) Love your table clothe and all your vintage Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  17. Vintage Christmas is my FAVORITE!

    Love those little glasses too!

  18. Whoa- you hit the motherload! My favorites are the crock, the placecards, and the old magazines. Such great finds!

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