Monday, June 17, 2013

Loved Barbie!!

I loved Barbies - did you?   I saved up and sent away to the Sears or Eaton's Christmas catalogue for mine - the Twist 'n Turn Barbie is the one I had and   still have , sadly, the bathingsuit is no longer around - I had one Barbie, Carla must have had fifteen, so, I think some of my Barbie pieces were mixed up with her friends Barbie collections... I have been wanting to do this post for months, finally, I am doing it today so I can pack all this stuff away again....

How about a little fashion show with my Barbie?  I had very few store bought outfits, my great aunt made most of Barbie's clothes - she had quite a wardrobe!!

My poor Barbie's feet are not in the best of condition, they're all twisted  and out of shape!  I wonder too if Carla gave her bangs a trim - her hair is a bit wild!!

Carla had the whole set of these Barbie cards - look what 1966 shows - my outfit!

One Christmas I got a set of wigs and hair pieces - this blondie is one of those - wearing another store bought outfit.  The dress had a sheer shawl but that seems to be missing too.

Isn't that little zipper the cutest?

This is a homemade set - perfect for travel!

Party time!!  How 60's is this?

Barbie even had a pair of Prince Edward Island tartan pants!

Evening wear for another party - this dress has a little top to go with it.

Barbie deserves the best - including a fur collar!

This is my Susy Goose Barbie closet - I was so proud of this, none of my friends had this, they all had the plastic Barbie bag - it's seen better days, it's missing a leg and one of the door hinges is broken, I played with this a lot and then Carla used it.

I had the Susy Goose Barbie bed too - it's gone!!

There's that Barbie head sitting in there - these are all pieces that I had with my Barbie.  I had so much fun playing Barbies with my friends, I remember having fashion shows at my birthday parties..  You know, it was kind of fun dressing her up again....

This is a wonderful book that I have about all things Barbie - I don't collect Barbies nor do I want to - I'm just happy to drag my one lone Barbie and all her finery out from time to time.  

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  1. Oh, how I loved to play Barbie! My grandmother made most of our clothes, we loved them!!

  2. Jill! I thought you were sort of around my age and a contemporary of mine but now I see you are a young whippersnapper as I don't recognize your Barbie at all! I had the original one with the pony tail and the bubble hairdo one. I loved my Barbie's so much. (Sadly they are not in good shape at all.) Thanks for the sweet memories.
    Happy week to you!

  3. Too cool Jill that you still have your Barbie dolls!! I was never big on Barbies'...I preferred baby dolls!! ha, ha, ha!!

  4. I've always loved Barbie and bought a few at the thrift store awhile back. The sweet outfits you have are the best..made with love. Give her a hug for me! lol

  5. Thanks for the fashion show! I have a few Barbies, including the Malibu Barbie featured on the cover of your book. Have quite a lot of clothing too. They are were/are fun!

  6. I didn't have a Barbie doll but I had a Mitzi Doll, a knock off Barbie! I had the Barbie clothes and the black 'patent' vinyl case though. I played Barbies until I was 13 and loved it. I didn't have a Ken or Skipper. Did you? You have some cute clothes and I love the PEI tartan pants!

  7. I *love* your Barbie and her wonderful fashions! [I loved Barbies (Barbie knock-offs in my case) as a child in the late seventies and early eighties -- and, sadly, when I was 14, boxed up my collection and donated it to a charity shop.]

  8. Oh, so many cute outfits!
    I loved playing with my Barbies too.
    Most of my clothes were made by my Mom's best friend.
    I may have to show them off if I ever find the stuff after this move.

  9. Fun post! I loved seeing your Barbie in her gorgeous clothes!!

  10. Love it all! I had the Malibu Barbie on the cover of the book from the 70's. I'm always looking for her!

  11. Thats awesome Jill! I liked Barbie too, but not until I was 8 or so, my childhood best friend was Barbie obsessed, and shes the one that got me into it, I never had as much as her, though Im sure I had a lot. She had a laundry basket full, and her dad built her a massive Barbie mansion.I was jealous to say the least. I love the little homemade outfits! So adorable with a lot of detail!

  12. I was not the Barbie girl, that would have been Hanna. She had some ridiculous amount that my mom donated to a school auction. Hanna just about killed her!


  13. Barbie's were my best friend when I was a girl. I would play with them for hours and hours. I had around 20 Barbie's including Skipper, PJ and Ken. I also had lots of clothes and furniture. We moved to Texas from Indiana in 78' when I was 14 and I decided I was too old for them and gave them to the little girl across the street. I'm sure she got lots of hours of fun with them, but I wish I still had them. My favorite was the Miss America Barbie with hair that you could curl with a plastic wand.

  14. i love and will always love barbie..........she is my inspiration for me, a 15 year old...

  15. Ahhw! so neato, I remember Barbie, I had Madge first. Thanks for posting the memories. Drop by thursday afternoon and leave me a cool post of yours at "The Blog POST OFFICE"
    Take care sweetie, Victoria Lavender

  16. Love your Barbie fashion show! I especially like the green jacket and hat -so chic!
    I was definitely a Barbie girl. I had quite a few including the travel agency! But my husband made me get rid of all my Barbies at a garage sale we had when we bought or house! I still get on his case about it!

  17. Too cute! I loved Barbies too. My girl doesn't really play with them. I have a bunch from when I was a kid. I cut the hair short on one of them thinking it would grow back. I have my Barbie van too, but it's in rough shape! I love that green outfit with the big hat!

  18. I had the original Barbie, I believe I was about 12 when she was first introduced. So I outgrew her quickly, more anxious to be Barbie than to play Barbie! Loved your fashion show!

  19. Jill, thanks for posting Barbie at The POST OFFICE. I had that wardrobe, it was the only official piece of furniture I had, out side of the pink carrying box. My sister's and I world take album covers (the one's that swung open)and create rooms for Barbie. We made furniture from cardboard, tissue boxes, lego ...whatever worked. My mother believed in crafting, we got an early start because of Barbie.
    Thank you again, can't wait to see your next post,
    Victoria Lavender

  20. I have 5 barbies from the 1960's that were mine. The bubble cut barbie. I'm pretty sure my Grandma sewed my barbie the green coat and hat.