Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love These Wax Melts!

Do you like to burn wax melts?  I do and my new favorite online vendor is Ten Digit Creations - I've ordered from them a few times, there are just so many scents, it's so hard to pick!  They also offer bath, body and other home scent products, each soy wax melt is dye free.  I ordered on the Memorial Day weekend because they had a sale, I picked twenty five different scents but   now they have another sale on until June 15 - 50% off - I just had to order again!!  And, not only are the tarts great smelling, the customer service is excellent - and, they arrived from Georgia to Ontario in record time!!

Cherry Almond is under there - it smells just like the old Jergens lotion.  I can't wait to try Gingerale or Bear Claws  or Frosted Pink Cupcake - how to pick which one to burn is a major decision!!   

Melts in Butterprint!!!

They all smell so good!!

All the burning happens right here!

Click here to see the huge list of scents, how can you go wrong with a 50% off sale...

1 comment:

  1. I love meltable wax. The stores around me call them tarts. I use my tart burner almot daily.
    Cream soda sounds very interesting!
    As always, love the Pyrex :)