Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Great Week for Thrifting

Even though the yard sales were terrible again here yesterday, I don't think I'm going to break $1 this season, I've spent 75 cents so far,  I bought  nothing  again - I guess if you're looking for novels, baby clothes and toys, you'd be all set - but, I'm not, so I came home disappointed.  But, I really shouldn't be because I was at the thrift shops on Thursday and went to a church sale in a nearby town on Friday- those days are why I can say it was a great week for thrifting.  The first seven pics are all from the thrift shops

An ice bucket - complete with tongs which the clerk was going to charge me extra for!!   It's a tin bucket, the inside liner is removable, the handle is leather like.  It's called Barret Ware - a Celebrity Ice Bucket, made in England - as soon as I saw that sitting there and the cute design, it went into my basket - it was $3.99

Three juice glasses made by Dominion Glass of Canada - 30 cents for the three!

I thought this was for condiments but after researching, I see it's part of a cream and sugar set with a stand - made by Gemco - I think this will be put right to use as I broke the every day sugar dish just yesterday!!  Price - 25 cents!

This beautiful 525B Pyrex hostess bowl was just sitting on a shelf at the Salvation Army with a bunch of plastic bowls - if you can believe it, it was $2...

I know this is an odd thing to buy at Value Village and I thought it was really a strange thing to even see there but it wasn't opened, for 99 cents a package, I was buying both of them.  I use parchment all the time for baking,  it's $2.99 at the grocery store.  

These little deer were in the showcase at Salvation Army, I asked how much they were, 50 cents for you she said, they were marked $1.  They are a heavy plastic - the material reminds me of somecolored dice we have - they were made in Hong Kong.

Fifty cents for each Vera scarf!

I went around twice at the church sale and this was the only item I had picked up, I thought to myself, this isn't going to be very good if this is all I can find.  They're cute though, I think I need to straighten up Mrs. Claus' glasses.

I know this isn't a very exciting purchase, but Carla is looking for older jars, I don't know if this is really what she wants but I took it anyway, I imagine she'll take it!  It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were still getting peanut butter in glass jars.  

Then I spotted the games...

I remember Mousie Mousie from the fair - when they used a real mouse - you would never see that now!!   I think we're going to be playing Mousie Mousie.....

I know how much old tv related board games are - we just saw some last weekend selling for $30 and up - no way would I ever be buying those..

The Partridge Family was my favorite show growing up - and for some silly reason, I still like it!!!   Sure wish I had saved all my Partridge Family trading cards, I spent enough allowances on them, all I have are some albums... When I saw those magic words sitting at the bottom of the stack, well, you can imagine, I  put that jar and Christmas ornament right down so I could get my Partridge Family game..  I don't think it was ever used, if this post wasn't so long already, I would have included the boards too....  I paid $7 for the games, jar and ornament - the games will be going right to the game room....

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  1. Love the Pyrex!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. I have recently found 2 of the red pyrex bowls and they are different sizes, one with a lid one with out.
    love the ice bucket!

  3. Wow Jill, you had a great thrifting week! I love that vintage ice retro! You were lucky to find all those vintage games.....I know you love old games, lol! And, a red Pyrex Hostess for $ can't beat that! Vera scarves too! You did well!

  4. Great stuff Jill! I love the ice bucket and the juice glasses!

  5. That was quite a load of fantastic stuff!

    Those board games are the best! I remember watching all those shows...

    And what's not to love about the red Hostess dish!

  6. You found some great games, love the Six Million Dollar Man.

  7. Wow you really did well at the thrifts. Love the games and that ice bucket! Of course Pyrex always makes me smile. Good shopping! Hugs, Linda

  8. Oh how adorable! I love your Santa and Mrs. Claus, the deer figures and of course, the Pyrex! :)

  9. Beautiful scarves! But I think my favorite thing is the Six Million Dollar Man game. So cool. I LOVE that show.

  10. All of your finds are great, but I especially like those deer, which I think I had when I was little, and that Partridge Family game. That was my favorite show too, and I remember using my tape recorder to record the songs from each episode. What a dork I was!

  11. They used a REAL mouse back in the day? LOL so sad! Well you did great considering those darn garage sales now a days have nothing but baby clothes.
    Going to email you!
    Erica :)

  12. That is my favorite shape of Pyrex bowl! Love them!
    Cool vintage games, too! I've never seen the Emergency one.

  13. the ice bucket is very cool! As is the Pyrex. It it square shape? Thanks so much for sharing at cap creations.

  14. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    Oh you found some great items. I had those deer when I was little. I had a field trip to a zoo and I bought them. They had chains to the Mommy deer. I had totally forgotten them. Thanks for the memory.

  15. I love that Pyrex bowl you picked up - what a deal!