Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Dishes, a Thermos, a Clock, a Tin and Some Cookie Cutters

I went to quite a few yard sales on Saturday - junk, junk and more junk, except for the very first one - they had some neat things - for dirt cheap.  Look at these three items  I got for $2.50 total...

I grabbed the retro alarm clock as soon as I saw it - never expected it to work, it does - and does it ever tick loudly!

The thermos is missing the inside stopper, I didn't care as I was just getting it for a decoration.  It's a neat old thermos - made in Germany.

I just thought the Pepsodent Tooth Powder tin was something different - something else that will look good on a shelf!

I got some neat things at Value Village last week - I didn't buy it for the cookie cutters, it was the decorative box that caught my eye - there are five cookie cutters to make Santa and his sleigh cookies.  Copyright on the box is 1981.  I paid $2.99

I'm really liking this size of casserole, the 475-B - I've used it twice already for mixing vegetables for the BBQ - there was no lid on this piece of Woodland - price was $3.99

I found this at Sainte Vincent de Paul - I knew I would have no trouble trading it and I did right away - I aleady have one which I paid more than what this one cost - $3.  I'm anxious to get my traded item - a Constellation Divided Dish! This was the best kind of trade as no postage was involved - it travelled down Hwy 69 by car!

This is a Federal utility dish - we're going to use it as a candy tray for the game room.  Price - $2.00

There were quite a few pieces of Spring Blossom at VV - someone must have been cleaning out all they owned - I bought the 2 qt serving bowl, gravy boat with tray - I didn't even really realize at the time that the cream and sugar weren't Pyrex, they're Gemco - a company that made similar versions of Pyrex patterns - this is a big set - they measure about 12 inches around. 

So, that's it for my thrift purchases last week - not too shabby!!!

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  1. You got some great finds. Those pyrex are wonderful, but my favorite is that clock. Those clocks did tick loud.

  2. I love the clock but all the vintage one's we have tick really loud also! Great Pyrex finds!

  3. Cute alarm clock. I enjoy your blog and am following.

    I've given you an award at

  4. What a great clock! I like the thermos, too. I'm always drawn to them, but never buy them. Might have to start.

  5. I love your blog. I have given you and award at

  6. I would have grabbed that alarm clock, too -- it's wonderful!

    Trading? How do your trades work & who do you trade with? How do you find them?

  7. Are you on Flickr? There is a group - Pyrex for Trade on there, also The Pyrex Collective Blog - trades are often talked about on there too.

  8. Hi Jill, I have some smaller Woodland casseroles to trade if you want.....let me know

  9. Oh, Jill, that clock is just awesome! What a fabulous score :)