Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sea Glass

Beaches change every day with the tides - every day is a new day for a sea glass hunter.  I caught the sea glass bug when I was in Prince Edward Island on my last visit - but I didn't start collecting until the last week so you can be sure I'll be out every day next time I'm there.  When I was a little girl, we used to gather it on the shore  - probably just for something to do and because it was pretty - I remember using itas a game piece to play hopscotch.    People that love the ocean can relate to a shiny piece of sea glass  - it makes you wonder how long has that piece been tumbling around in the ocean, where it came from and what item it came from...

 This is the sea glass that I found in Prince Edward Island and a few pieces that I found on Lake Huron, not too bad of a selection for just starting.  White, green and brown are the easiest to find - orange, red, turquoise, yellow, darkest green known as "black glass", teal and gray are the most rare.  Blue is hard to find too - but I did manage to find a few pieces - remember the old Noxzema jars, Vicks and Milk of Magnesia - that's where all that blue sea glass comes from...
I displayed some more in these vintage Pyrex salt and pepper shakers.

I found this piece of red sea glass on Lake Huron the other weekend - it's a beautiful piece - not really sure what it came from....

I also bought some sea glass items when I was in Prince Edward Island -

Necklaces from Red Sand Cottage
Earrings from Wild Fire Jewellery & Gifts in Souris

Earrings by Edna in Murray Harbour

I had a little ocean themed shelf in the downstairs bathroom - but my new picture made out of sea glass really adds to it.  I found this, by chance, in Beach Point - Brenda makes these wonderful pictures - it is just so cute - I love it!!   I ended up walking out of her little shop with three pictures -  which I gave to my son and daughter.

I will be back to the ocean again soon - people all over the world are collecting sea glass - I can count myself one of them....


  1. Back in the day I used to love to look for sea glass, and used to have a decent collection. Not sure whatever happened to it, but maybe my g-daughter and I can start looking for it when we go to the beach...she loves doing things like that. Love your little bathroom shelf!

  2. How fun to find another sea glass collector who is also a Pyrex collector! My mom just gifted me a red sea glass piece earlier this week. I am working on turning it into a pendant. :)

  3. I love sea glass but don't get to the beach enough to collect some. Love the earrings and that beach glass picture. Enjoying your blog very much and just became a follower!

  4. I know it is going to be a good day when we are beachcombing one of the beaches in PEI. Some of the best seaglass is found here on the shores and I'm glad to see others have the fever and it can become addictive. Next time you are on the Island stop by and with a find and I'll teach you to wrap.