Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still in Prince Edward Island

I am still in PEI - never expected to be here so long but one added bonus was getting to see William and Kate last week - we were in the front row and got some great pictures.  I've been  taking a lot of neat pics so will have some great ideas for blogging when I get home.  I haven't been spending all my time at the hospital with my Mom, I've been out and about - finding some great treasures - including Pyrex  - this must be Gooseberry country, I've found two nice pieces.  But, why is some of the Pyrex priced so high, I found a promotional casserole, priced at $30 - way too expensive and I told her so!!  I better soon get back to Ontario - if I keep finding great things - how am I going to get them all  home??? 

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