Monday, June 6, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures

Do you remember these stools?  I do - I remember sitting on a stool just like this and talking on the phone - I could just pull the foot rest down whenever I wanted, relax and chat with my friends!  I found this great old stool on Saturday at a yard sale - the past two Saturday's its been rainy here - but by the looks of the people that were out and about - it didn't matter..

The lady told me that lard came in these containers.  Her mother in law had owned them - she had a piece of masking tape on each one - one was for dates, another for raisins - that tape has been there a long time - no amount of Goo Gone will take it off.  These are so cute - the colors are so bright, there's no rust inside either.

These other goodies are resting on the stool - a 403 Pyrex bowl - it's an old one - it doesn't even say 403 - that's going to my daughter - she only needs the red bowl for the complete primary set.  I also got a miniature pie plate and two Termocrisa bowls - they're a great size for a small bowl of cereal.  I paid $7 for those items, including the stool - the stool alone was worth way more than that!

My next sale was a huge outdoor church fundraiser - it didn't start on time because of the rain - it was well worth it for me - I got some cute things - I paid $10 for the box of goodies.

A nice pair of Forest Fancies bowls

I'm adding to my Delphite collection -  I found 2 larger plates and one side plate - they were hidden away in a box.

This little fridgie is a bit weathered but the price was surely right.

This is an Anchor Hocking gravy boat - I guess it isn't old, but it took my eye.  I found a nice Pyrex measuring cup - the one I use all the time is Fire King - it'll be good to have extra.   I also found some custard cups - two different sizes - I'm sharing with my daughter.

One man stopped me and said I had a good jar - I don't know if that is true or not, I bought them because I love old jars - for decoration or putting things in.  One has a green tinge to it - it's a Crown jar, the other is Canadian Jewel - the old glass lids make them really unique.

I love this seafood bowl!!

You can't tell by looking at this - but this little Thermos is about 5 inches tall and it's an Avon bottle - how cute is that???  It's one of my favorite purchases from the day!

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  1. I can see by looking around on your blog that you are quite a Pyrex collector, the sets looks so beautiful......I know that I'll be hunting around for some more.

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. Wow, you found some great items!! I love that stool. I always keep my eyes open for those. Have you tried baking soda on the tape residue? Have a great day!

  3. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    Jill, I love all your amazing finds!! Quite a find on that stool! I'd love to have one like that, but I'd prefer a red one, lol!!

  4. Wow- what fab finds. Those jars look perfect for the tealight latterns I made!

  5. Thanks for the nostalgia! I remember my Mom having the same cans (same lids, different colour cans) and using them as canisters for different things, but they originally had Crisco in them. I wouldn't have remembered them until I saw your pictures. It's always great to see something from childhood -- stirs up memories of helping her bake; remember how small kitchens used to be, and how little counter space, but how much cooking and baking was produced. Grew up in Sudbury -- notice I'm just down the road from you!

  6. Protector of Vintage - thanks for the tip - I used baking soda - it worked!!! I never thought the tape would come off!

    Deborah - I forgot to say that Proctor & Gamble was printed on the tin - I think they did make shortening and I suppose lard. I haven't seen those containers for years either! I have lived in Ontario for 29 years, originally from Prince Edward Island - small world - isn't it?

  7. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    I remember those stools too. I actually just picked one up in red this weekend, but it hasn't been cleaned up yet.

  8. I love that seafood bowl! It would be perfect on the table for tossing shells, etc into. Good score!